Are usaa creditcard holders considered usaa members? If so has usaa considered a reduction or suspension of charging interest during this shutdown?


Hello @interest payer.  Thank you for sharing your concerns. Assisting with your financial security goals is our association’s mission. We understand there may be instances because of the impacts of COVID-19 that members may find themselves facing financial difficulties. We are currently offering special programs for consumer loans and credit cards. Please call us at 210-531-8722 or chat with us. From the USAA website, you can chat with us by selecting "Reach a Representative", "Contact USAA" or "Ask USAA". From the USAA Mobile App, you can select "Help" and then "Get Contact Options"


We encourage members who may be impacted to reach out to discuss how we might be of assistance, including:
• Special payment arrangements on auto and property insurance premiums and waived late fees
• Special payment arrangements on life and health insurance policies
• Waived and/or reimbursed deductibles or co-payments for Coronavirus-related testing for members who have USAA Medicare supplement plans
• Special programs in place to help our members with consumer loan, credit card and mortgage payment assistance options and more depending on their situation.


You can view more information at This will have more details and any future updates. -Colleen