Are insurance rates for DIRECT members vs family members?

My neighbor is retired military and says his homeowners insurance rates are lower than mine because he is a direct member and I am an indirect member, through my father.  He also got two "bonus checks" last year, over $1000, that we didn't get.  We've been members over 40 years.  Is this information accurate?


Hello, @CALIFtoSC. That's a good question. Direct or indirect, it can sometimes be the same or opposite in certain areas. It really depends on the state, property type insured, and so on. As far as yearly distributions, those are only open to certain groups of eligibility. I would recommend connecting with us at 800-531-8722 if you have any questions about those. We appreciate your membership! ~ Steven

It would be real nice if  the USAA social media gurus would actually answer questions instead of having them call someone else.  I've seen this issue on Subscriber Savings Accounts come up many times but the only answer anyone gets it to call someone.  Totally useless.