When is USAA going to join the list of approved card issuers for Apple Pay? USAA should be in this service early not later.


I believe that as one of the big banks USAA should be out in front of Apple pay. I would love to use Apple pay ASAP.

They made an anouncement a month ago or so. See: Power of USAA Coming to ApplePay

USAA was in in the initial announcement but I must say I'm a little disappointed that my card won't work initially in ApplePay. I assume based on the comments thatit isn't just me so I suppose no tech support is needed to resolve this. It's just a matter of time until USAA has the systems up and on. I hope they notify customers when we can set up the accounts. 

My sentiments exactly...!

No offense, and not wanting to get off topic, but other than a generic reponse I don't see that happening.


First, Nov. 7 may have been the initial launch planned by USAA so we don't know if that is a delay. USAA is not the major player Citi and Chase are so they may have been lower on Apples pecking order for assistance. Certainly that isn't ideal and launching with the ApplePay product is best, but iOS updates haven't had the best record lately and that is all on Apple. Users are taking a wait and see posture so some banks and retailers may be taking it slow as well. 


Disclosing what may be right or wrong is a corporate security issue and keeping this private helps protect our money. They won't and shouldn't disclose that. This isn't a major technical breach that requires any explanation to customers. I can still use my card, I just have to take it out of my wallet for a couple weeks if I am at a place that would even use ApplePay. 


These are my opinions and observations. Sorry to get off track. 

So it's not like USAA didn't know or didn't have time to get ready.  Obviously it can be done, but USAA may just not be good enough to keep up with banks that have good IT people.  This is not the first time that USAA IT have delayed features for the members.  USAA IT seems always to be the weak link in the USAA chain.

USAA said we'd be among the 1st to use Apple Pay. Obviously we're not. All my cards are through USAA...time to get some different cards. USAA hasn't communicated this well with us.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reaching out. USAA will be available on Apple Pay in early November. Look for more information with additional details soon. We'll be sure to post an update for everyone here in the Member Community. - Wendy



Why the delay?  Inquiring members deserve to know.  Making such announcements seems to indicate a USAA INTENTION to be late to the game.  Why would that be?  What's so different about USAA from the banks that DID launch this capability on time?