Anyone else upsed about not being able to download banking activity in ofx format?

@OleGator, thank you for sharing the information that you received from our Member Advocacy team. I'll provide your feedback to them. ~DC 

Thanks OleGator. You got farther than many of us despite our best efforts. I'm not sure why that information was so difficult to get by members or "service" folks. I really want to believe them, so I'll keep monitoring, but I have doubts we'll see the capability return.

Can anyone answer a simple question?

How can I download my credit card account activity? I want the data in QIF format.

HI Pete54.  We only offer Direct Connect.  From the webpage, click on a bank account and go to "I Want To" on the right >  Download Account Activity. And there is Direct Connect information there.   

Another problem with Microsoft Money format is that Microsoft Money was discontinued in 2009.  If you were with Intuit when they had Quicken, you may also have issues with older records of Quicken since the new Quicken is not backward compatible.  This is probably the biggest issue with technology.  If you don't always use the latest and greatest, things break.  As a result of Quicken's inability to let me open my old records without paying their annual fees, I have moved to AceMoney.  It will use OFX and QIF.  The download isn't the best but with some patience, it appears to work.

@Phantom CobraThank you for your feedback. Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change; however your concerns and feedback have been shared with the appropriate teams for assistance in future updates. ~Sarah