Anyone else upsed about not being able to download banking activity in ofx format?

I was disappointed to learn that USAA banking had stopped providing the ability to download financial transactions in Microsoft Money format (ofx).  Now the only way to track financial activity is thru Quicken, or the bare-bones export using csv.   I use a simplified financial tracking package that takes the ofx format.

It is interesting that the other 2 banks I work with routinely provide several ways to download transactions, including ofx as well as quicken.  Guess who is NOT my preferred banking choice now?


And the worst part is I can't get any sort of reason why this was done.  The people I have talked with on the Executive Resolution Team took my complaint and told me they had heard this from others, and sent it off somewhere.  But no response.  I get the impression that USAA is getting so big it is loosing contact with their members.


@OleGator, we can appreciate your frustration and concern and will submit this feedback regarding Microsoft Money.  We appreciate your thoughts on this and regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I've read through many posts on this issue, and the USAA representatives who respond don't offer any help. They all say "sorry… we understand… please call… etc." This is a critical feature that was in use for years and suddenly taken away. Many of your customers have complained about the feature being taken away without notice. I would expect you to respond with a link to the notice that may have been posted letting users know that this feature would be removed soon so that we could prepare for the change. I can only assume that since I haven't seen that, there was no notice. We are "members" of USAA, but this makes us feel like we don't get a say in things like that. Can we get some real answers on here? Not just, "I'll forward this to…" or "please contact…" How about, "I am looking into this for you…" and a few days later, "Here's what I found out for you…" 

Dear @dilo_monilo


Thank you for sharing your concerns. We understand the importance of having this available to you. Your feedback will be logged. Thank you and have a great night -Jesse 

Same experience here. I contacted them BEFORE they removed the feature, and have done so multiple times since. The only replies I am getting basically are either the person doesn't understand the problem (Oh, just use direct connect!) or else tells me that many other people have had the same complaints and they will send my message up the line somewhere.

Nothing has changed as a result. I would encourage anyone who has this issue to continue to file complaints and keep their boxes flooded with requests to change.

I just opened a credit card elsewhere and will not be using USAA credit cards at all until/unless they fix this. I don't need the hassle of editing multiple .csv files so that I can import it into my software every time I want to balance my books.

I am also researching other options for banking and savings. The only thing right now that keeps me at USAA checking is the feature where they refund the ATM fees. I know I can get much better interest rates for savings elsewhere so I'm investigating that as well.

It stinks, since I prefer to keep everything with USAA, their insurance policies and mortgages have been great for us. But obviously banking is a completely different thing and they don't care about us here. :(


I also have tried for months to find an answer. The silence leaves me to believe that no one knows, or no on will say, or no one really cares. The decision has been made somewhere by someone and it is causing folks like us to leave and still no answers but "use Quicken".

I had a bank for life, but with the recent changes in customer service and response, I will take a break to see if things change back.

Mainer2 - I am sorry to that you are considering leaving. If you have trouble downloading transaction into your financial software, our technical team may be able to help. Please contact them at 877-632-*3002. They are available 24/7. Thanks, Jason

There are several other threads about this.  Here are some facts:

1. USAA has never provided a credible reason for discontinuing the service;

2. Other banks offer it, e.g., Chase and Bank of America, so there is no "security issue" excuse that holds water;

3. USAA does appear to have a relationship with Quicken.

I've asked several times for the specifics of USAA's relationship, but "social services" won't touch it.  To me that means that Quicken paid USAA to cut off the service to force folks to use their dreadful software.

If you're using GnuCash (as I am), I do have a workaround that is not too inconvenient, but I can't post my personal e-mail here and the solution involves an Excel spreadsheet intermediary and some vBasic code. I have also reduced the frequency with which I download from USAA and moved high volume credit card transactions to a bank that offers downloads in .qfx format.

I *used to* rely on USAA for pretty near everything, but not any more.




@Grandpa Charlie, your feedback regarding this matter is appreciated. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change and will share your concerns with our team. Thank you. 

I have recently received information from a representative of Member Advocacy in the Office of the CEO with some explanation of why the download capability was removed.

Evidently there was  a security vulnerability with implementation of WebConnect and Direct Connect, and IT "is upgrading to a newer connection method with more secure method and control over the data that they share". WebConnect was an older, unupgradable version, so while a new service is being created, the Quicken option is the option offered right now.


2 things come to mind:

  • If this takes overe 3 months to implement, it would seem that someone is trying to construct an elegant solution sometime in the future rather that providing at least a basic solution NOW, when people need it to manage their financial tracking.
    ... or is it they just don't really understand the impact on people, and have not really worked on making it available?
  • I have accounts with 2 other financial institutions, both of which provide a basic means of downloading financial transactions 3 ways:  quicken format, microsoft money format, and simple comma separated variables.  I would be happy to refer the USAA IT people to either or both of those institutions if they need help making something available.

I hope to have an more conversation with the Member Advocacy representative next week and hope to discuss both this issue and the larger concern of management/leadership being insulated and out of touch with situations like this.