Anyone else having trouble with Victory Capital?

When USAA transfered my investments to Victory Capital, they probably should have looked into the company. I can't get them to answer a question -- their online chat is closed due to high volume and if you call you just sit on hold and never get an answer.

Anyone else having problems? 


@MikeM235, Sorry to hear the transition has been frustrating, this isn't how we ever want you to feel. I am forwarding your post to the appropriate area now. Thank you ~Tom

Hi Tom

You haven't helped me. Because your website isn't allowing secure messages to come through, and when I call USAA about my mutual funds, all the computer does is refuse to let me talk to a person and transfer me to victory capital, where I go on hold and nobody ever answers.

This is pretty irresponsible. I just want to talk to a person who will help me, and I want my money. 

Last Tuesday, I tried to call Victory Capital with an issue on my account.  I was on hold for one hour and 15 minutes.  I finally hung up and sent them a message through the websiite.   Now it is one week later and I am still waiting for a reply.  I am really surprised that a customer-focused company like USAA would transfer their mutual fund business to a company like Victory that seems to ignore its customers. 

Yeah, shame on USAA for transferring members to such a shady, non-responsive provider. It took me hours of hold time to finally get someone on the line so I could close my account, and transfer to another provider. And of course Victory does not provide the same convenience to close and transfer out, as they use to recieve transfers, no surprise there. Now I have to question my ongoing relationship with USAA to service my other financial needs. They have obviously forgotten what made them successful with this community, and are just another "Self-Serving" bank, like all the rest.


Hello @WorldTravelerUT and I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

I gave them chance after chance, but after multiple problems, I've dumped them and moved my money from VCM to another institution.


Awful website, can't get through on the phone, even chat app doesn't work. They locked me out of their web site twice for multiple days at a time, with no explanation why! Too difficult to do business with.


Shame on USAA, too, for transitioning my business to a partner who was nowhere near ready to chew what they bit off. 

This is very concerning to read, @David Go. Bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support. ~ Steven