Anyone else having horrific experience USAA CARD???

We have been with usaa for over a decade and are so disgusted with the credit card declines due to suspected fraud were looking for a new bank. We've been in Hawaii - which usaa apparently does not realize is in the United States and it has been one decline after another followed by terrible service over the phone. We alerted USAA that we would be in Hawaii before leaving and yet our credit charge at Avis rental car, the grocery store, the coffee shop, etc, etc have generated fraud alerts and declines over and over and over. We are so tired of spending our hard earned Hawaiian vacation fighting with USAA. The funny thing is the customer service agents are so poorly trained that they give out mis information and generally have no clue what to tell and usually end up
Insulting us every time we call to get the card working. Terrible experience


Im not surprised at alll. I managed to have thoae alerts removed some how.

I travel a lot and have several credit cards (mainly for this reason) and I have had security freezes on all them at one time or another.  I always go online with each and put in all the travel places and dates so it is rare to get them.  USAA is one of the few that has a text alert you can set up in your account that will notify you of suspected fraud, which you can respond to and your card will not get locked.  I wish more of the credit cards companies would offer that.


The security system software is  proprietary to the credit card companies, so don't expect much difference on when a fraud alert can happen. 

Dear longtimeUSAAmember,


Thank you so much for your membership, I am saddened to hear of the issues you have been having with your credit card. That is surely very frustrating. I would like to get a specialist in contact with you to see what can be done. If you could please email us at: with your member number and the details you provided above, we will be in touch shortly. Thank you!

I have had similar experiences when I travel BUT It has been my experience that if I advise USAA of my travel plans there hasn't been a problem. Perhaps things are changing and if so I hope USAA management takes note. It can be more than annoying especially when abroad.