Any success importing USAA tax documents into Turbotax?

I've tried unsuccessfully since 3/6 to import my USAA tax documents into Turbotax using the special USAA tax import code generatedonthe USAA website.  Curious if anyone has had success importing their USAA 2020 tax documents into TurboTax?  TIA



Same deal last as year. Late again and no explanation.


First the website posted 2/16/21 as available download date.  Then it was changed to 3/6/21. Today is the 7th and the website still says 3/6/21 for download. This may affect our stimulus payment.



Be thankful you get a stimulus payment.  We have not received any stimulus payments just the privilege of paying for them.

Apparently you can't.  From the USAA Tax Center;


"Please note: USAA Brokerage, USAA Managed Portfolios and USAA Mutual Fund tax documents will not be available for import to TurboTax through USAA."


Looks like we have to manually enter the data.


So one more "thanks" to USAA and Victory Captial. 

I'm getting much better service from Charles Schwab.