Let me start by saying thank you USAA, for ruining my plans ONCE AGAIN to catch us up on bills before we were considered 30 days past due. Thank you for holding our money for 4 days, WITH another 5 days on hold to go! You bet your marbles I'm taking all that money out once it finally clears and opening an account with Chase Bank.<br><br>Ling story short - the money was a large amount from an inheritence. My brother in law got half, and my husband got half. My brother in laws cleared TWO days ago. He banks with Chase. This is unbelievable. And the funny thing is I know we will STILL get overdraft fees. SMH. This needs to stop. <br><br>Sayonara, USAA<br>


I should note I've already called twice. The reps don't know what to do and see completely uneducated and lost.

Hi Amanda,


I have sent this over to our ban team to review for you. Thank you for reaching out in Community.

How did you deposit it?

UPS. It was all I could do, until I realized too late I should have mailed it in. Stupid me. In the future, if we stay with USAA, I'll be mailing everything. Killeen. TX has the closest atm/deposit. Next is San Antonio.. we are north of dallas.