Great (sarcasm),

Now USAA changed its credit monitoring. Note that the message says at this time rates will not increase. We know how that goes.

This credit monitoring service was the only reason I was hanging onto to USAA.

But now, I have found other companies that offer world wide renters insurance and car insurance options at competitive rates—not sure I have a reason to stick with USAA.

Time for me and others to “outsource” USAA to Navy Federal.

Overwatch G


Dear @OverWatchG


I am sorry you feel this way about the change to CreditCheck Monitoring. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I regret to hear this will cause you to discontinue all services with us. Your feedback is important and will be taken into further consideration. - Jesse 

Is this product being replaced with a different one?

@batman23, this is an excellent question. You will continue to have the same service as USAA has partnered with Experian to provide CreditCheck and CreditCheckID & Monitoring services to our members. If you are currently enrolled in credit check monitoring your account will automatically transfer to Experian on November 14th and no additional action is needed on your end. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you. ~Robyn

Will there be an addtional offer of credit monitoring ? or are you simply just not going to offer the score or monitoring via you website or mobile app

@batman23, At this time we are communicating that if you need other options you can visit to request a copy of your credit report. It has not been communicated if another credit monitoring service will be offered. I hope that helps. ~ Suzy

Thanks for the response. It has become more of standard to offer some sort credit monitoring service. Why not empower you member base ?

Hello and thank you for your feedback. Our members are empowered since you are allowed to continue using the service directly through the seamless transition with Experian or you can choose to discontinue the service and find one that you would prefer. Thank you and please let us know if we can further assist you!