Another Scam

I am an Enrolled Agent (licensed by the US Treasury Dept. to represent individuals before the IRS...and prepare tax returns)...

I had 2 clients that are sisters in their 60's and invest in Crypto Currency received a call in late 2021 from someone purporting to work for Coinbase (a crypto coin exchange/broker) this worker convinced my clients to transfer some Crypto from their account to a more secured account (his account) one of my client's lost over $50k. Coinbase's response was not their problem.  So be careful in verifying a caller's ID and in dealing with financial Institutions that are not based in the US. 

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Thank you for sharing @Hermitv 


The more we can learn about the current scams and phishing schemes happening, the better we can all be at identifying these attempts.


Thanks again for taking the time to share.