Another Absurd USAA policy

I have now waited 2 days for a new transfer funds account to show up in my system. It has not!! I realize that there is a clearing house process, and was told that it could take up to three business days. But my request was for a USAA member to USAA member transfer. It is absolutely absurd that this member-to-member procedure cannot be done in one business day....if not instantaneously.


I can transfer funds via the likes of Venmo in less time. I can send a check in the mail in less time.  I made a similar type transfer transaction with Navy Federal. It was in place in less than a couple hours. 


This is the 21st century digital age wherein USAA is lagging behind the Post Office!! That should be embarrassing to you Mr. Peacock. 


Thank you USAA for making this a miserable experience. That will be a lasting impression for your many, not well thought out, non-user friendly functions that you impose on the members.

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Hello and thank you for reaching out to share you concern. I certainly understand that the timeframe for this request is important. I will make sure to engage the appropriate department for further review of your feedback and for consideration toward our future enhancements. Thank you!