Angry and sad

For 55 years I praised USAA to friends, children, and grandchildren. During the past half dozen years my praise has slowly but surely become less enthusiastic. It has seemed to me that, as USAA has expanded, its mission has changed and its quality of service has diminished. And now comes this problem with MoneyDance.

Many years ago I switched from Quicken for Mac to MoneyDance. MoneyDance and USAA banking and credit card accouts worked together smoothly. Now MoneyDance no longer works with USAA banking and credit card services. 

So, do I now switch back to Quicken or, after 61 years with USAA, switch to another bank? A wrentching decision.

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Ron1234, We value your membership and we don't want to lose your business. I will be sharing your feedback with our team. Tricia

Well I can only speak for my usaa account information inside quicken - from another post....


So after spending almost 2 hours on hold yesterday bc of the quicken/USAA debacle - quicken and usaa have changed the way you log in inside quicken and charged the download format - and in the process forced usaa customers to give quicken / intuit  access to,your usaa info. Quicken process had directed me to get the new USAA ID and pin to only be used w/ usaa  redentials inside of quicken - I kept getting the timeout error on the side. I tried 1 last time late last night and got the pin and Id. I was able to log in, link my accounts and get access to my info. In Quicken.      BUT.......


This new process makes you agree to share ALL your info w/ quicken - USAA cell and home numbers, address , email, etc....    WHAT ARE THINKING USAA?!?  

I don't give my cell to all, nor my regular email, etc.  To force its sharing in order to use Quicken , in my opinion , is a big breech of customer trust. How much did you all make for this trade?


I tried also to check the option, share only some info( was not told which though) , and I was unable to get the PW and Id. Not until you agree to share all do you get them. 

Ive gone back and revoked the share info w/ quicken in my usaa profile and am now unable to use quicken with my usaa account. This is no good!

It seems USAA sold out to quicken in exchange for sharing all the info they lead you to believe they are helping you guard. This is awful. 

So, i received the attached reply on Feb 10th.  Wow, someone from the Chairman's office.  Very impressive.  I had also received a phone call saying how concerned they were and someone would reach out to me.  So, nothing until 2 days ago when i got a phone message from Kenneth from IT, web suport, or some such dept.  I threw out the message after this last experience....  He said to call the number he left - the general info line number - and just say " computer support or similiar - like i said i threw away the message....  Well, after 10 minutes of punching numbers and extensions and entering account numers and saying "computer support", i was finally put on hold by the phone system.  FYI KENNETH - THE USAA SYSTEM DOES NOT RESPOND TO VOICE RESPONSES AT THE LEVEL AT WHICH YOU TOLD ME.  So by the time i got on hold to wait i was so pi***d off, i gave up and called back and tried his voice comand again - no luck.  Good training these guys go through....  This time it took 40 minutes to reach someone who put me on hold for 5 more minutes and then transferred me to Tech Suppport whom then pulled up my case.  And then asked, So whats the issue?  I see you're having trouble signing into quicken.   Now i pull out my hair.  I say, no, dont you have the case?  Round and round we go.  I say no, i finally got my id and pin and got logged in.  But its the sharing of my usaa info i have to give to quicken now as a result of this new login process.  I already have a quicken unique email ive given them and a special phone and bc the info i type into quicken now as part of the new login associaltion doen not mt match my "private" USAA info, quicken wont recognize my accounts or work anymore.....  This is insane!  I have subsquently stopped using the card.  Oh, and the phone call i got and was told i would hear from someone - no ever called back besides the tech guy who left the wrong call back info who did finally call back and say sorry, he couldnt help.  As for the email below, thats a voicemail too - no so impressive now.....  I give up.  I guess this is how they get rid of 30 year customers.  I sincerely doubt they have the peoper people to handle claims in a prudent and timely fashion - hope i never have to call in for that one.





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@NOLA GEAuX, Sounds like a horrible experience, I was pulling out my hair reading this as well. It has been challenging with the change for sure, and I hope you don't leave because of this. We appreciate your 30 years and would hate to see you go. I will forward your feedback about this frustrating issue. Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. ~Tom

@CubIsland, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. I regret to hear about the recent change that is having an impact on your ability to connect your accounts with MoneyDance. I will be happy to forward feedback about your concerns. We ask that you contact Technical Support at 1-877-632-3003 if you have any questions regarding use of Quicken with your accounts. Thank you. - Rhonda