Angry and sad

For 55 years I praised USAA to friends, children, and grandchildren. During the past half dozen years my praise has slowly but surely become less enthusiastic. It has seemed to me that, as USAA has expanded, its mission has changed and its quality of service has diminished. And now comes this problem with MoneyDance.

Many years ago I switched from Quicken for Mac to MoneyDance. MoneyDance and USAA banking and credit card accouts worked together smoothly. Now MoneyDance no longer works with USAA banking and credit card services. 

So, do I now switch back to Quicken or, after 61 years with USAA, switch to another bank? A wrentching decision.

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Same here, CubIsland.  I have only been with USAA for 41 years, and I've had bank accounts with USAA Federal Savings Bank since its inception.  Service across the boards is not what it used to be, and I've become particularly disenchanted with their banking services.  Hate to give up on USAA, but it sounds like it's time to move on....

Anybody had experience with Navy Federal Credit Union ? I'm getting worried I may have to leave USAA and NFCU is the first organization that comes to mind.

USAA, any update?


What are your intentions regarding supporting members' financial software besides Quicken?

@A_B, thank you for your inquiry. USAA is committed to ensuring members have the ability to share their account information with 3rd party applications. If you are currently not able to link your USAA accounts to a 3rd party application, we recommend you inquire with the 3rd party application provider about the different connection options with USAA that are available to you. ~DC

It's been two weeks and this hasn't been resolved?  Seriously?


I've used Moneydance and USAA for years and years.   If you don't fix it soon, I will move all my money elsewhere.  Schwab works fine with Moneydance.  And they are quite an attractive bank/brokerage now.  When I joined USAA, you were the only bank with deposit by phone.   Now everyone has that.


And, btw, I was a Quicken/Intuit customer for a long time, too.  I left them because of their terrible service and software.  That you are favoring Quicken is just horrible.  I can't believe you would do that.  Did they pay you to break other financial software?  OFX is a fine standard and that you won't support it is ... well, I can't think of reasons why you wouldn't other than $$$.


Moving my money is the only way to vote.  I moved several accounts from Cap One (to USAA) when they turned off OFX.  I can certainly move again.

Hello @envoy510, I appreciate you taking the time to include your feedback on this issue. We definitely do not want to see you go. I have forwarded your feedback to the teams that handle this area. The business teams will review and analyze the feedback to improve your experiences. I don't have an ETA on a fix for you, at this time. You can always reach out to our technical team directly by calling 1-877-632-3002, anytime between 6 a.m. and Midnight CT, 7 days a week. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 



First, the forum only shows the month of the entry (March).


Second, and far more disappointing, is that there has been no further response on this. I, too, left Quicken years ago because of their (almost) extortionist practice of charging a large upgrade fee every year despite not making any substantive changes to their product....New and Improved!!! We changed the color of the background by one hexadecimal value and increased the font spacing by 1 pica!  That'll be $60, please.  Oh, and if you don't pay it, your software won't work anymore. We here at Quicken are all about serving our customers. 


Please excuse the diversion.


I have been using Moneydance since 2015, and continue to have problems downloading transactions from USAA. Although it was an extra (and unnecessary) step, I downloaded the transactions manually from USAA.  Then, USAA decided that wasn't necessary anymore ...because USAA and Quicken worked fine together, I assume.


Why don't you folks at USAA take a look at Moneydance (  Maybe you'll realize that it's a far better alternative than that trash, Quicken, that has been resting on its laurels for close to a decade. If USAA receives kickbacks from Quicken, I hope they are large enough, and that you spread them out to the members of USAA to make it worth it.


Regardless of whether you think Moneydance is better or not, it sure would be nice to see USAA support software other than Quicken. If not, please bring back the manual download option for accounts.


Unfortunately, other than this rant, the only reasonable recourse I have--like envoy510--is to vote with my money and move to another financial institution. 

@Weigelf, I am forwarding your feedback now about our system still not working with Moneydance. We would hate to see you leave over this. It might be a good idea to give our Website Support Team a call to see if and when this may cooperate again. Sorry about the frustration. ~Tom. 

Open question for people that get to this thread.  Are there ANY good banks out there, or is USAA just getting to the point of being something other than the least bad?

I too am angry and sad - more like disillusioned and furious - about the break in downloads between Moneydance and USAA.  USAA, please restore your former support for the Direct Connect protocol so that your members may use third party financial software that utilizes the open OFX standard.  

In my opinion, this is another sorry glitch in USAA's declining support to its members.  And these days I wouldn't even bother to pick up the phone and try to call USAA.    

We served our country for many years and have been loyal USAA members for just as long, plus now into retirement.  However, I am seriously considering moving our banking, credit cards and all our insurance elsewhere.  The Moneydance snafu is about the last straw.  

SWITCH! It was easy to ignore the decline of USAA's customer service and other frustrations because we could also say their integrity and honor outweighed everything else. Once they got rid of their integrity and honor, they became just another massive bank and insurance conglomerate, and not a very good one. SWITCH! I did for both banking and insurance and have no regrets (that being after a mere 37 years, as compared to your 60!).

Could you recommend a good bank that still fully supports direct connect? I was with Amegy before but decided to just switch to USAA some time back. I think Amegy was charging ridiculous fees or something...

Good move.  I switched after 40 years.  Everything is better than what USAA offered.  

Don't use Quicken with USAA. I've had to major issues over past several years which I believe are caused mainly by USAA. What really irks me is there is never any forewarning from USAA and it seems like they don't do any testing. Bottom line IMO is that USAA IT is inept.

Literally four days ago I was showing off MoneyDance to my wife and extolling how it interacted with USAA. So annoyed that I had to go back to her and say, basically, "never mind..."

@taser8, Sorry to hear about the difficulties connecting MoneyDance with USAA. I am forwarding your feedback now on this. Thanks for reaching out ~Tom

Make the switch, you'll be a lot happier and your money will be safer.

@BrownieBug     Make the switch to Quicken or to another bank?

Another bank.

If this isn't fixed by the end of the week, so I can access my USAA accounts through PocketSense (for Microsoft Money), I will be switching banks.  I rely too much on being able to download my multiple accounts to put up with this for very much longer.