My mom recently died, she had no life insurance so I have to pay for the funeral expenses, I did a hardship withdrawal from my jobs 401k I chose the ACH/electronic Option instead of the check option thinking that it would be more convenient it's been 3 days I was told by the 401K rep... That it was sent on the 10th Electronically it should had arrive on the same day but it has yet to come on that day or the next I called usaa and ask do they see or have anything pending to deposit in my account she said no, I call my 401k Rep... And double check my bank Acc..# and routing # all is correct and confirmed that it was sent I don't know what's going on but this is crazy because I neither had a problem with usaa before but this is one because the paid me a day late from my payroll direct deposit I called them before and they told me they didn't see anything coming in from my job But the next day it should up with the previous day dated stating that when it was posted is there a bugg in USaa system really



In my experience, wired money transfers sometimes take three business days to be received and recorded in the recipient bank account.  I don't know if this applies in your case or if there is some other issue in the bank posting the wired despsit. 

I just had something similiar happen to me last month with a wire transfer, usaa kept saying that the money had been posted but every time i checked it wasn't there, ask them to refresh the deposit button so it shows that the money has been deposited, someone forgot to hit the refresh button and my money wasnt showing available because of that