And another one gone, and another one gone...

Dear USAA (or what's left of the USAA I used to know), 


You've changed. When we first met you, albeit just about a decade ago, you showed us so much promise and support for our new adventures in the ways of military life. We opened up savings, checking, switched insurance, opened investments and new loans...We did it all, save a mortgage (that came later). Now, here we are, and I want to break up with you. 


The service isn't there anymore; it's more on par with Wells Fauxrgo. The products being offered have dwindled away one by one, from the car buying service, to house shopping, and even the membershop rewards that actually offered something useful. Investments were switched to Charles Schwab without prior consent, and mortgages became outsourced for servicing. What a mess...


Nevermind all the changes to online banking, the mobile app, and don't even get me started on the "helpful chat bot". As with so many other former members of this once-wonderful financial's just not working out anymore. 


I've started the slow, yet methodical, switch away from this shell of a great company. You can keep Gronk and his predictable "slow and confused" guy humor, as he's currently the best representation of your mindset.  And I like the poor guy.


Don't try to reach out and change my mind, either. It's pretty well made-up, and all this relationship will soon be is dust in the wind...


Are you happy, are you satisfied?

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This person is so right! USAA used to be such a great experience that I even told my other bank how easy it was.  This new transaction page with a separate manual or scheduled reminder page is so lame.  It is almost useless. Adding so many steps to putting a future or scheduled item is ridiculous.  The e was nothing wrong with old layout and programming whereby manual transactions were right on same page as cleared gave an easy picture of balances at all times.  It was so easy to make adjustments or postpone a future planned transaction until deposits we made. Why try to fix that which is not broken.  I too, am considering how to make all the changes required to move all banking to the other bank.  Changing some Insurances  seems so daunting, but may be worth it in the end. I cannot see how this mess is making it better for USAA or the customers.  Just soooo fed up!

@mcs264, your feedback is important to us which we would like to share on your behalf.  We do not want to lose your business for your Insurance or Banking.