OMG.....I had a brain lapse moment at the teller machine at 10:00PM. Although, I knew this was an urgent need... I couldn't remember my PIN # for the life of me!! After I tried I two codes, both rejected; I was scared to put my card back in a 3rd time!!! I grabbed my cell phone, opened my USAA app and "ta-da" there was an option to change your password/PIN for ATM cards. I sat right at the teller machine in my car, changed my passcode, and noticed the pop-up which said you may use your bank card immediately. Placed it in the teller machine with my "new" PIN # and "BAM" access granted! USAA has and ways been my #1 banking choice, and tonight was another confirmation of it's notable support & industry leading tools for accessing your money matters!!



Thank you so much for sharing. It was very nice to moderate a POSITIVE comment today in the community! :) 

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for sharing! Wish I had seen this post while still at the ATM! But nice to know regardless. :-)