Here we go, Banks are inherently poor at CS, its not in the DNA.


For a very long time I have enjoyed a bit of solace and safe harborage here at usaa.


That sadly has slipped to the point where I now actively believe that there is certainly better out there.


I have been having recurrent dificulty with USAA computers flagging amazon monthly subs, and declining them.

You call, go thru the new really obstructive  voice prompts (just punch in 30-40 numbers,  you get a slag on the line)


Now its flagging single item purchases from amazon, so I call, they deflag, I go back into amazon, re re authorize.


I was told that if I "don't want the strong fraud protection, I should try another bank"


I guess I will,...

Mebbe some distraught deplorable has reprogramed the flagging algorythms in a stab at Bezos


Mebbe the tipping point of Nophuqzgived millenials has been reached.


Mebbe the pretense of being a huge one stop shop for the financial needs of a veteran,

While in fact being a general con-tractor to a horde of poorly vetted private companies,

became to much to sustain.

like the stations on  "The 100"  it is intentionally breaking apart as it deorbits


@meicalnissyen, Thanks for your post. I regret your frustration with the handling of your account. I've forwarded your comments to our bank team for further review. - Ben 

"I was told that if I "don't want the strong fraud protection, I should try another bank"

Don't buy USAA's comment about their fraud protection. They don't have any. Google "USAA and fines" and you'll hear a different story. They're just feeding you a line. You can also read the countless complaints on this website and Consumer Affairs. They can't even manage to post a pending charge (the moment your card is scanned) on their website. Unfortunately, USAA Bank lost its touch several years back and decided to do more business with my credit union. I left three years ago and I have USAA to thank for that. Don't let them treat you like adolescent like they did me, a retire Lt Col with over 22yrs. Good luck.