After 10yrs I decided to steal $360.00 from USAA


I have been a member of USAA for around 10 years. On April of this year I had my USAA debit card information stolen for the first time. The total amount of the purchase was $360.00. As soon as I realized that it was fraud I contacted USAA and they cancelled old/ reissued new debit card, perfect. The representative that took my first call was very nice and pointed out that the transactions did look like fraud. USAA refunded me the stolen amount of $360.00, until the vendor was reached. A few weeks later USAA took the refund back stating that the vendor had proved that the purchased was legitimate. I was confused. I requested the information that the vendor sent to USAA, and I have to say that I was impress by the low life thieves. The thieves did a good job, somehow, they got my address and phone number to purchase baseball tickets off Vivid seats website to a game in Los Angeles. I live in San Diego, yes, it is possible for me to drive to LA. Anyway, the email they used to get the tickets of course was not my email because they need to download the tickets. After looking at the evidence the vendor provided I called USAA fraud department, and that was the beginning of my biggest banking disappointment ever. After months of transfers within the fraud department and many holds USAA determined that I was the one that perpetrated this fraud therefore they could not reimburse me the $360.00 back. I submitted all the evidence they requested from me, I was that one calling to get updates on the fraud claim. Some things just don’t make sense. I guess ten years of banking and insurance with USAA and no other fraud incident is not enough customer loyalty or credibility. My life do not depend on these $360.00, I own a home, have a stable income and I have enough money to purchase $360.00 worth of any sport tickets without trying to scam the back that I “TRUST”.

But it is about the principal, but I guess at the end of the day for them it is about money, right, USAA.


I can understand how this would be frustrating for you, and certainly not the way we want you to feel, @DCStone. I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to review the case and follow up. Please allow sufficient time for all research to be completed. - Cathleen

How did they get access to your phone number and address? Ever find that out? Sorry that happened to you. Seems like a theme with USAA though, have fraud happen to you and then you are treated like the criminal. USAA, something is occurring with your debit cards being hacked and stolen frequently, my most recent call in was pleasantly suprising given the length of verification that was taken, however it seems that the member has to be the one to drive the entire process, specifically in this case and that you don't try too hard to verify and then make an adverse decision against the member, I have seen this type of story multiple times. What lengths does USAA go to, to protect and advocate for the member once the fraud has been found?