I have multiple accounts with USAA, checking accounts (3) savings accounts, auto loans, credit cards, and my main question is this.
I have started a family savings account that will benefit my kids and also my nieces and nephews, I was my dad to have access on the account so that if my siblings want to donate to the fund they don't have to send money to me but they can send it through my dad. And it also puts 2 eyes on the account to add stability. I want my dad as an account manager just for that one savings account but to not see or have access to any of my other accounts. How do I get this done.

Also is there a way that my sibling can deposit directly to the account without being linked directly to it. All the deposit methods I have seen require either a bank card linked to that account or the accounts owner's signature.

Thank you,



Thank you for your question/comment. Unfortunately, this is not something that I am able to handle here in our Community. Please give our member services representatives a call at 1-800-531-8722, or via the contact us link on usaa.com.