I just spent over 20 minutes on the phone with 3 different phone reps just for verification. The 1st rep was savvy with her sarcasm but a novice in customer relations. I was required to input my complete SSN into the automated syetem after the system failed to recognize my loan number. The system managed to recognize I was not calling from a number on file. I opted not to save this number for future reference and thats when the shenanigans begin. The rep asked for my DOB and then my phone password. assuming I failed my phone password , the rep than requests my password when I log in online. I tell her and then reiterates: "It's the same one you use when you log in online". Thinking she just needed me to speak louder, I reply with the SAME single-digit sequence versus the four digit sequence all at once. She says let me transfer to to someone else that can verify you more. Now Im on a conference without my knowledge as I thought transfer meant , hand-off to another party. Now as I'm speaking to this person whom ask for my last 4 of SSN once again, and how many years I've been a member. I say 5 yrs , I don't know my ex-spouse longer but me 5 yrs I guess. He tell me to go back online after I re-asked if I have a phone password hint. The first rep interjects, answering over the 2nd rep, now I ask for a supervisor. By this time I'm so disgusted because the supervisor tells me the first rep was aking for my online user name when I log into the website. So instead of the first rep giving me the phone password hint to began with, she asked me twice for the wrong information she was keying into a completely different field titled: Online Login ID. All this protection so God forbid someone call in and make a payment or get my loan payoff amount, pretending to be ME. Disgusting service, all because I called from a work phone and not my mobile smdh


They are doing their job for our protection. I am glad. Get over it. ;)

Well said Zoe!!!

I agree 110% with Zoe1970

I have never had such experience in dealing with USAA staff on the help lines.  It seems to me that you were holding back information that is needed to properly identify you in the USAA computer system.  Why???  These systems have been set up to protect us and our USAA accounts.  I recommend that you write down your various passwords and pin numbers, SOMEWHERE that is available only to you, so that you do not have to rely on the IT staff just to get into your accounts.  But when you do be polite and orderly about the questions you ask and when the help staff ask you for information that you are able to provide them, why would you want

So sorry for your trouble. It is frustrating to experience so much miscommunication and lack of help, but I think your experience is the exception. Maybe you can just write it off as a bad day and forget it-I am confident that things will be better next time!

I have been a USAA member for over 20 years and have never experienced anything remotely close to Allofusnow81's experience.  USAA has always been courteous when I call.  This would seem to be an isolated incident, which as we all know, can happen.  As others have stated, I am especially glad that USAA takes the time to verify the person on the other end.  As I have been a victim of identity theft, I would take whatever steps are necessary to keep others from gaining access to my information.  Keep up the great work USAA.

same here... i have been a member for a very long time and i am yet to experience this level of customer service..!

Thirty-eight years with USAA and I have NEVER had someone on the phone who was not bending over backwards to make my request happen.  Everyone can have a bad day but we have never encountered it on the other end of the phone.  Security is tight these days and I'm glad to have it.

Zoe has it down just right.