Briana, please tell the "experts" that we want Acorns, Digit, Qapital and other options such as those -- either via USAA, or elsewhere. They seem to be tone deaf as to what consumers want. 

Dear TigerVision, 


We appreciate the feedback about the various options such as Acorn, Digit and Qapital. Thanks for sharing your concerns, we will review this further. Thanks again! 

I also am very interested in acorn or something similiar. Please let me know my options.
I am frustrated that USAA will not allow us to connect to these apps! They are highly reviewed and make lots of sense to the consumer- please make this fix so USAA customers can use them!

Dmcg - Thanks for sharing your interest in using Acorns investment app. While we do not support connection to the app, we also do not actively block it. With that in mind, you may be able to connect and use the app. If you have difficulty connecting, you would need to contact Acorn directly for technical support. We appreciate the feedback. - Jason

Acorns just dose not support usaa's security