Account lockout for info - again? Done.

Anyone else tired of USAA locking them out of their account online suddenly until they complete a questionairre they could have just as well mailed?  Respond if so.


Sorry, I was in the middle of an urgent matter and you are requiring me to fill out a form to see *any* of my account info unless I fill out a survey.




I am looking into options for both regulatory redress of this lockout, as well as transferring all funds ASAP.  This is the second time you've done this, and apparently you didn't learn the first time that - especially during an emergency or legal matter -  pulling this off is absolutely insane.


Erik J


ps - and DO NOT refer me to your special "internal team" that is really there to interrogate you and try to provide legal coverage for your own butts instead of actually helping.  The jig is up on that too.

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Those questions have been there for a couple of years.  They state that it is for the Patriot act.  If you tell them you did them all wrong they will say ok and get asked again in another year.  USAA is not customer based for the military it is like torture banking