Account compromised still awaiting Fraud department to call

I had a situation where my account was account was compromised by a previous joint account holder.  After several calls and being put on hold I received a call back from  supervisor who stated that everythig was taken care of and my entire balance would be refunded because USAA had made and error and not removed the other person from my account.  After waiting seveal days I called back and was assisted customer service representive who told be the fraud department closed the inquiry stating "no fraud" This person would  have been removed last year but they were able to access my account two weeks ago and zero out my account.  After being put on hold several times the customer service representative came back to the phone to apologize again and stated they were removing him immediately (which they did).  As of today almost two weeks later my funds has still not been refunded to my account I am dealing with bounced checks, bill collectors are calling and I have no income to live on.  I have no idea what to do since they will no give you a number to the fraud departmebt to spak to anyone.  


Mysse Aynne - This is very concerning and not the kind of experience we want members to have I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason


Thank you I appreciate someone looking into it.  This is going on two weeks and no one is saying anything and I am simply waiting  in limbo although USAA has stated the proper forms were located (misfiled) for that persons removal over a year ago.  Even with that it still was't done until I called back.   I have no idea why it was so easy for him to transfer my entire balance but its so difficult for you all to give it back.  It's obvious where all my money went but yet I'm being punished for a mistake of a form being misfiled. This is very frustrating when I work hard and on top of it all --- working through this pandemic for someone to be able to go into my account and take everything I have worked for only for the institution I trust with my money to simply let it happen bacause of a misfiled form and then refuse to give it back.  

Thank you for your reply, @Mysse Aynne. I can certainly understand your frustration, and I want to ensure that your concerns are thoroughly reviewed. I'll share your reply with the team that has been assigned to review the situation. ~DC

Make sure you place fraud alerts with the three credit bureaus. I actually had to put credit freezes on mine a few years ago.