Account beneficiary change

I have now received three "Request for Additional Information" regarding changing my account's beneficiary to my trust. The last two times I have called; each time I had to wait for hours to talk to someone.  The first time I called I was instructed on what to put in the "Memorandum of Trust" and that someone from the trust department would contact me.  No one contacted me but I returned the froms EXACTLY how I was instructed. I was then sent another "Request for Additional Information".  Again, I called and waited and told the agent what was going on, and after explaining the situation they put  me in touch with an "Advanced" level of service person and again, I put EXACTLY what the representative told me to put.  I have now received the third "Request for Additional Information" and have reached my end.  I have asked numerous times to speak with the team who reviews these "Memorandum of Trust" and am told time and time again that I cannot be put in touch in anyone from that department. If USAA cannot meet my needs by having a person assist me in completing this change then unfortuantely I will find another bank that can. I have been with USAA a long time and have seen their level of customer service erode over the years. I would love to speak to someone in management but I will not sit on hold for another minute. 

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I have experienced the same issue.  Not very happy with the service.  Not sure what was missing and why.

Hello @Josanpu74. I am very sorry to hear of the issue you are having. I have escalated your concerns for further review. -Colleen

@SIUAV8@, thank you for reaching out. I regret to hear of the difficulty you have experienced regarding the changes needed for your account. We value your longtime membership and this is certainly not the experience we want for you. I have located your information and have sent your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. I apologize for the frustration this has caused and we appreciate your patience as this is being reviewed. - Robyn