I've noticed that the retirement planner tool and the goals tool are both going away. This leads to me to wonder what other helpful tools are going away as well?


Also, what is being created in its place?


One suggestion is to allow the savings booster Direct Deposit tool to direct money to outside accounts. All other banks who have money management tools allow the use of outside banks to transfer back and forth. At a minimum, I should be able to use the savings booster tool with outside accounts that I have set up in USAA as connected to.


Thank you.


jimmyb84 - We appreciate the feedback. We rely on member comments to help us continue to strive to provide the best products and services. Thank you for making your voice heard. - Jason

Hi Jason,


You didn't answer my questions........what are the plans for money management tools and what else is changing within banking?



@jimmyb84, I haven't hear of what would be replacing those tools particularly, however we do have the Advice Center that has great resources for you! Just click the Advice tab at the top of the website. We have also forwarded your feedback, we appreciate that so much. Thanks again for reaching out and stay safe. ~Tom