How does someone access your account through your USAA App and send the maximum amount of money and USAA not send you a notification. There is no emergency after hours number to call so you maybe prevent the transaction. Neither can you stop the transaction from the actual site. How can this be in 2016 the account holder has no immediate actions to take especially after hours. If USAA doesn't get this resolved first thing in the morning when I call they will lose yet another member. I've read others stories and the service provided is horrible to say the least. Guess I will see in a few hours if they have made changes to the process or I get the same run around as other did.


So, isn't USAA covered/protected via FDIC as well as the the account holder?

caduceus68w - Great question. All USAA deposit accounts are protected by FDIC. Thanks for checking in.

CID71 - Wow, that definitely sound frustrating. Please know that it is never our intent for you to have an experience like this. I have located your information. I will engage a team to review the situation and contact you shortly. I appreciate you reaching out to us.

I've had nothing but wonderful experiences when it comes to this sort of thing with USAA; indeed, it is one of the main reasons I use them for my main banking. I'm sure it was some kind of fluke or misunderstanding. Hope it was resolved!
Customer service is always pleasant and helpful
Thank you