Account CLOSED

I am at a complete loss … After not being able to use my USAA debit card at the store this morning I return home to notice my account is no longer in my app. I finally get an agent on the phone where I was told my account was closed because my husbands name was still on the account. He passed away in September 2017. I talked to member services after his death and was never told this would be an issue. Fast forward to today and my account is closed-the account that gets my direct deposit and has ALL my auto bill pays! Donnie, the very non-compassionate Member Resolution Team Supervisor said I received a letter that I didn’t respond to! A letter, how can a bank close someones account after sending a letter??? I will not get my pay on Thursday and will also have to pay late fees because my bills will come back as not paid. USAA, how could you do that to a surviving spouse? Grief has no time limit.
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@Wifey 717, I am sorry to hear of your husband passing. I could only imagine how difficult the years have been. I am engaging the appropriate area now to review your concerns. Thank you for reaching out today and sorry for this inconvenience.  ~Tom