I've never gotten this fee before, just wondering if anybody else has


Are you sure it doesn't say ATM surchage rebate? That's what I always see when I ise an ATM.
Yes I agree with Wire. With usaa you can use any ATM and the ATM fee is reimbursed

USAA returns your surcharges up to a certain amount each month on your statement. Please call a member services representative for more details using the CONTACT US tab on usaa.com. 

You will be charged a service fee after a preset # of ATM withdrawals. I think it's 5 or 6. Yes, you also receive a rebate, up to $15, for using an ATM also. Sadly, the rebate per use really isn't close to actual ATM fees charged these days.

Thank you for your question/comment. Unfortunately, this is not something that I am able to handle here in our Community. Please give our member services representatives a call at 1-800-531-8722, or via the contact us link on usaa.com. 

Why can't you discuss a institutional policy here?  How many ATM withdrawls are allowed before USAA will charge you an ATM Service Fee?  Why can't we find this information in USAA's search bar on the website?  Why is it $12 dollars one month and $26 dollars another month?


Because we are not banking experts nor employees of USAA and do not have access to any of your information. Many things require more information than we have access to. 


You are able to contact USAA member representative via the web using the CONTACT US option up top, call them at their toll free number, or even send an email specific to the charges you are referring to and the policy as it relates to your relationship/accounts with USAA. 

As I understand it, USAA Bank refunds up to $15 in other banks ATM usage fees each month. 


https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/no_fee_checking_main has more information. If this link does not work internally, please copy and paste in your browser. 

There is a "Non-USAA ATM Withdrawl Fee" that is assessed at the rate of $2 per withdrawl . . . however, this fee is only assessed after the first 10 ATM withdrawls per month.  Put another way, the first 10 non-USAA ATM withdrawls per month are free.


For example, if you see an "ATM SERVICE FEE" on your statement for $8, this simply means that you made a total of 14 ATM withdrawls in the previous month.  (i.e., the first 10 withdrwals were free and the remaining 4 withdrawls were assessed at $2 each.... 4 x $2 = $8 ATM Service Fee)**


NOTE:  This ATM Service Fee is totally and completely different from the ATM Surcharge assessed by the particular ATM owner (e.g., a withdrawl at a Chase ATM might cost you $3).  As has ben mentioned before, USAA will automatically refund ATM surcharges assessed by non-USAA ATM owners up to a maximum of $15 per month.



** This non-USAA ATM Service Fee is based on the Service Fee Schedule effective 2014-Mar-01.

When does it return the fees? At the end of each month? Sorry new here and I have only been able to find conflicting answers.