My area code is [removed sensitive data] and there are five USAA  ATMs recommended for withdrawals without fees. One is listed at 1265 Sgt. Jon Stiles Dr. It's in a Target and used to work OK. It is now a Capital One machine and says my VISA Debit card is "Invalid" although it works elsewhere. The 2nd one is listed at 8754 Lucent Blvd. That address is a vacant parking lot and there's no ATM in the adjacent hotel or anywhere else. These two ATMs should be removed from the listing.


Hello and thank you so much for contacting us today concerning the ATM machines you would like us to review for removal. We are sorry to hear that the ATM machines you shared are no longer valid. Can you please share with us the area code for the ATM machines and the city that they are located in. Thank you so much and look forward to hearing back from you!