I was told I could raise my daily ATM limit online but I can't find it. Please advise.

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@Roaddogmike I'll be happy to help with instructions on that! To increase your limits online, please go to the account that you need the increase on, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Under the heading ATM/Debit Card, select the option to 'Change Card Limits'. This will allow you to adjust the card limits for 24 hours. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance ~Michelle 

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Here is how to raise your ATM Daily Withdrawal / Purchasing Limit extracted from USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK AGREEMENTS AND DISCLOSURES (PDF) found here.




3. Daily Withdrawal/Purchasing Limit.


The following daily withdrawal/purchasing limits will apply:


  • $600 withdrawal limit per card at any ATM
  • $3,000 purchase limit per card, if your card is a USAA Rewards Debit Card or USAA ATM Card with a Bank checking
  • $1,000 cash advance limit per card, if your card is a USAA Rewards Debit Card.

To request a change to your daily withdrawal limit, you may contact USAA Federal Savings Bank by telephone during our normal business hours. You may request either a temporary or permanent change to your daily withdrawal limit, which is subject to approval. A request for a permanent change must be submitted in writing and may be faxed. Such modification shall be effective no later than 10 days following receipt by us, provided the request is approved. In no event will your daily withdrawal limit be less than $50.



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I am now in venice Italy and cannot get to my funds on an ATM. I was told by a member of your staff that I could raise my limit online as stated above I can not do this. Tou have my money for my trip to Italy and I cannot get to it. This is very flustrating. Len shoults



My Son (whom travels internationally for work) found this out the hard way.


The MAIN PROBLEM with Overseas ATMs is that they need Chip and PIN Cards.


  • Regular magnetic strip ATM Cards will NOT WORK in Overseas ATMs.



  • My Son found that most overseas hotels allow for cash withdrawals via a magnetic strip ATM Card. You might want to try this to see if it works for you.
  • More info about Chip and PIN Credit Cards can be found here.

I hope I have helped...

I live overseas and have for years. I can assure you that you can use US ATM cards pretty much anywhere. When you go to a bank, though, they have local and global ATMs. If you put your ATM card in a local machine, it won't work. You must check that the machine says "Global", "International", or something similar. Look for the Cirrus, MasterCard, etc... symbols, too.


I take money out regularly in Germany, Czech and Austria and have done so in Korea and Japan within the last two years, too. It has never been an issue if using a global ATM.

Also, you can call USAA and have your ATM limit raised for the next 24 hours. If you check their contacts page, they have toll free numbers within many foreign countries.



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Great info on the use of "Global" or "International" ATM's.


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I was also told at the USAA office (last Friday) that you could manage (change) your ATM withdrawel limits via mobil media. However, I have been unable to find this feature on my ipad or even on the regular website. Would like a USAA associate to post where this link is so that others can do this without calling the 800 number etc. Thank you!!

I was told today-6/28/14 that I could raise my daily ATM withdraw limit via the website. I can't find a link. 

Click on your checking account that you want to raise your card limit.


Click on I want to:


Click on more services:


Click on change card limit:


Follow instructions.