ATM Cash Deposit Locations

I love USAA! Been a member forever. The only issue I have run into consistently is the lack of ATMs that accept CASH deposits. This is extremely frustrating. If you want to get cash or check your balance, most ATMs, regardless of where you are, and I travel a lot, accommodate. But unless you have a check or direct deposit (and who writes checks anymore, not many!) your in trouble. Please, please, please change this! It’s causing a lot of frustration and has costed me a lot of unnecessary fees!!
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Hello @ ImAWaterbaby, 


Thanks for posting and allowing the opportunity to address your concerns and offer some solutions that may fit your needs. 


We understand there are times when our members have a need for depositing cash, in the instance you do not have a cash capable ATM near you, we recommend converting the cash to a money order and using the mobile app for mobile deposits. 


As for checking your account balance, you are also able to check your balance via our mobile app, the voice automated line or by text code. 


We are looking at adding additional options for depositing cash in more cities. 


I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you. I will also forward your concerns to the appropriate area. Have a great weekend. 


~ Lori C