I was able to get a 20% reduction in my service bill. The points I highlighted in my negotiation was 1. I am a 33+ year USAA member, 2. no false alarms, or real headaches for ADT, 3. there were competitive options for home monitoring companies like AT&T and Comcast in my area. See if it works for U! Good Luck.


I agree with you. My ADT costs me ~$24 after taxes. I had a usaa discount that I paid in the low $30's. But told ADT I wanted to cancel to save money. They gave me three months free monitoring and dropped my rate to where I am at now. Worth it for me.

USAA is listed in the top Military Banking institutions. They are at #6. In that advetisement is states that they offere "Free" ADT Monitoring, and in fact that is NOT an offer. They offer a discount, but not "Free"

$1000 a year home insurance bill. Just installed adt and will save $7 a year. Be careful believing the usaa and adt will save you money. What a joke.