Financial Madness forced by the government. So our Premiums for next year for Healthcare will be about $20,000 before even using the policy. That is insane. If you utilize the policy as normal, it will be about $25,000. Basically, we be better off paying cash. Our locality gives 40-60% discount for cash. Of coarse this wouldn't help in a catastrophic situation. But the logical conclusion to these rates are that no one will buy Health Insurance, they will by accident insurance, life insurance, and an AFLAC policy for catastrophic illnesses. 

   After some research, the ACA / Obamacare penalties have no teeth. The IRS can't garnish, lien, or imprison of non-payment. The only thing they can do is take your refund. (IF you have a refund.) Healthwise it's good to have health insurance, financially it is becoming not practible. I expect to die no matter how much I spend to try to stay alive. Death is inevitable. Financially, it would be prudent to save the $20K spent on premiums and utilize a more financially prudent strategy. 

  We are fortunate enough to be able to move where ever. We are currently looking at places with the lowest premiums, but we are also looking at even some extreme options, like ExPat rules, dual citizenship etc... 


When you are paying $20K plus a year, this is prudent because 'Money Matters.'