USAA could do a great service by allowing access to banking account records online not limited to past 90 days. Why limit it to 90 days? I like to look at years all at once without having to go back to individual monthly statements which is an awkward slow tedious work around that for some reason failed me for April and September statements leaving me not even cumbersome access for those months.
USAA, this is the INFORMATION AGE!!! Get with it and update software accordingly please!


AKeyes, I regret to hear our online services are not meeting your needs. Your concerns will be routed to our team for further review. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us today. -Rhonda

I agree that we should be able to access transactions longer ago than 90 days.  At tax time, sometimes I want to print out images of the checks that I sent to the IRS for estimated payments, and the check images on our statements are too tiny to use.  Since we don't recieve cancelled checks anymore, we should have some way to access reasonably-sized check images.  And it would also be nice to be able to retrieve details of non-check transactions, especially for those of us who incur tax deductible business-related expenses.

Hello Pear Tree, You may like our Money Manager or assigning categories and notes to your non check transactions, which can be done on the 90 day view from your transaction page. Additionally, all documents are available online, not just mailed statements. You should be able to open up the image of your check from your computer to a size sufficient for your needs. I hope this might help. ~ Lori