To treat any person differently because of their race/gender/orientation is wrong.

To give extra money, business, and opportunity to any person based on their race/gender/orientation is wrong.

To view a person, not by the content of their heart, but by their demographic, is a step backwards in enlightenment.

To seek diversity ratios in promotions, over skills, talents, and experience is soft-core racism.

To peddle Marxism and Equality of Outcome is to be ignorant of liberty.

To watch a World-Class bank degenerate to this, and to remain a customer- is cowardly.


I have banked here since I was 19. And I will vote with my dollars. I’ll be moving my money over to a credit union (ECCU) and will be closing my USAA accounts. It is time to take a stand. I know many of you have been here a long time; but evil prevails when good people don't act.



A Millennial that isn’t brainwashed.


As a member for 54 years I too am disappointed that USAA feels it necessary to jump on the diversity and inclusivity bandwagon.  The business of USAA is very clear: to provide the best service and insurance products to its customers, all of whom are Americans first and foremost, not members of some class or group.  By doing the above in the most efficient and professional manner, USAA will automatically be doing the job of promoting equality and other nice but non-business related virtues that so many corporations and agencies think they have to overtly do to be good stewards of this nation.  Just do what you are supposed to do, not what looks good in some press release.


The Board is spending USAA members' money; instead, you might encourage people to contribute on their own to whatever groups or causes they wish, but to do it on all our behalf is to contribute other people's money, which is the exact opposit of compassion.

Thank you USAA for bowing to the extortionist tactics of BLM et al. I have been a member since 1978, I can assure you Fidelity Investments will handle our finances going forward. I believe USAA has lost it's way. You are wasting the member's money engaging in politics. STOP IT!!!!

Kudos to you. USAA has underestimated how principled many of its members are. I will also close my account with USAA after 20 years of membership. I’m headed to Charles Schwab.

I too have considered moving everything to Schwab because of USAA's pandering and blatant capitulation to Marxists.


USAA leaves me wondering who's running the show there in San Antonio? What are they thinking?


Let me tell you: They think that their future is with the brainwashed millenials and not with the legacy membership. USAA has their finger held to the wind to see which way it's blowing, and in their estimation, it's blowing towards a Marxist America apparently. Dumb move USAA.

In your page you have 38,000 views and not ONE like. USAA you need to stop being racist to keep people using your services. I'll be moving my membership  somewhere else as soon as I can.

 Next you will be giving higher enterst to black Americans. How much for brown and in between. Do we need to stand next to a color chart to see what enterest we can get from you. You are not woke your in a different UNIVERSE.

Shameful. Herd mentality. Continuing to pander with give-aways that promote victimhood instead of promoting development and agency. See Shelby and Eli Steele's documentary What Killed Michael Brown?

Could not agree more.  Very disappointed that USAA felt it necessary to waste our association's resources in an attempt to achieve equality of outcome. This is bad policy. Please show me a single example of racism in USAA's organization. Of course there are none. Get out of politics and stick to insurance. Not surprising that you got zero "likes" after tens of thousands of views. The members have spoken.

I about fell off of my chair when I read this absolutely stunning announcement. USAA, you have neither the right nor the obligation to use my family's money for charitable giving, which is way outside of the STRICTLY financial scope of your company. Considering how much money our government, and private industry, is already spending on diversity and inclusion initiatives, I feel further cheated by the woke bearers of institutional guilt. My husband and I prefer to choose for what and to whom we donate, and we will definitely be looking into new providers of financial and insurance services. 

Very well said.

USAA went from the best insurance organization in my mind to just another marxist peddling, spineless corporate puppet.

I am going to start investigating new insurance providers and close out my accounts of 15 years.