Why on earth would USAA leadership decide to burn $50 million to charity after $30 million to COVID.  Am I being overcharged by that much???  Does the company have enough extra money to cover every single item that is being insured?  Does it have enough extra to continue providing to people hit by COVID, hurricanes, tornadoes and everything in between?  Does it have enough to continue coverage for those out of work that can't pay premiums during any and all catastrophies including COVID?  How many people have lost their insurance due to any of those?  Why, when there clearly seems to be enough on the books!


USAA should not tell me where my money is going, they should ask where to put it if and when there is any extra due to less driving, less accidents, more loans with interest, increase in membership etc.. Telling me that everyones money is going to some charity or charities without reporting which charities, the charities performance and where that charity will spend our funds sounds an awful lot like every politicians slush fund already out there.  Giving away 50 million dollars simply means USAA doesn't want to deal with the issues through recognition of their own DIVERSE community.


Bank the money, decrease our premiums, reduce the interest on loans.  Reduce the premiums for military members E4 and below.  99cents a day, 24hours a day ring any bells?  If you REALLY want to help racial equality, help the folks that made this such a great company, I guarantee it's a DIVERSE group (yes, the USAA community).  Help the new recruits, the older vets, members with college loans.  DO NOT put our money into some charity with some CEO making some astronomical amount for a yearly salary so that USAA leadership can catch a ride on someones yacht.  Take care of YOUR HOUSE, which is OUR HOUSE.  Ensure that OUR HOUSE is in order and that it supports racial equality by standing on its own two feet and addressing equality by caring for its members as opposed to some unknown entity.


Very well said but sadly no one at the top of USAA is listening to us.

Let USAA officials give their own private funds, not mine.

Give me my share of the $50 million- I have excellent places to donate it to.

Corporate engineering is  the worst!!! Who makes these decisions with huge sums of money?

Give it to  Vets and active Duty families who are suffering from financial hardship-NOT  Social Engineering wasters.

@OrdinanceFirstStrike, I appreciate you taking the time to reach out regarding your concerns. USAA’s charitable contributions are driven by our mission and strategy to support military families and the communities in which our employees live and work.  USAA’s philanthropic practices, to include this contribution, do align with and are authorized by USAA’s documented bylaws. 


USAA’s core values of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Service are shared with the values of the military community we serve; just as many military missions are humanitarian in nature, USAA and The USAA Foundation, Inc. make philanthropic contributions to improve lives in the military and its local communities.  


This commitment reflects our core values and belief we have a responsibility as a good employer and a good corporate citizen to help create opportunities for everyone to be their best. USAA’s philanthropic support for the community is not a factor in the cost of USAA insurance products for our members. ~Danielle

This reply is nonsensical.  Where did the money come from (for the "philanthropic support")?

How were these "responsibilities" and "philanthropic support" voted on by the membership?

Is it USAA policy to take funds generated by our funds and distribute them to organizations (not charities) without our consent?

Where is this money coming from? Did it just magically appear, and USAA magnanimously decided to give it away? What happened to “We know what it means to serve”? I’m not so sure you do. If individuals in the Company wish to contribute to this, then dig deep into your own pockets. Decrease my costs and increase your level of service to ME, and let me decide to whom I wish to contribute. You can bet you last dollar it won’t be to organizations wishing to tear down the very country I gave a good portion of my life defending!! This will cause me and many more like me to seriously reconsider my insurance needs, and whether or not I wish to continue with USAA. I’ve been a member over 45 years! Sad to see what has become of this once wonderful company!

How excactly does donating $50 million of our (your members) money to unnamed organiztions to advance racial equality help fullfil USAA's commitment to help the military community achieve financial Security? ANSWER: IT DOESN,T!!!


If you truly want to help the military community achieve financial security then direct that $50 million toward increased member bonuses, lower premiums and organizations like "Tunnels to Towers" or "Wounded Warrior Project."


And stay out or racial politics!

"USAA’s philanthropic support for the community is not a factor in the cost of USAA insurance products for our members."

Where do you think the money came from Danielle? After 34 years, I am finished with USAA.

"USAA’s charitable contributions are driven by our mission and strategy to support military families and the communities in which our employees live and work."

How exactly does this donation to communist groups support the strategy of supporting military families? I see "and the communities which our employees live and work" is part of the mission now as well.

That is a pretty wide mission. Why not focus on the MAJORITY of your customer base, military and military families instead of including your employees.