This is not fair to all people.  People need to get their bootstraps and stand up on their own two feet.


Questions need to be answered: Where is this money coming from and where is it going? USAA is not a charity or a community organizing group! If you (USAA) are not taking care of your members then I will take my hard earned money elsewhere. I hope USAA has not succumbed to political extortion and political correctness!

Why does not USAA take this $50,000,000 and equally distribute to all USAA members.  That is what USAA is there for.  I will donate to my own choice of charities I certainly do not need USAA to do it for me.  I have been a continous member of USAA for over 60 years and this type of so call "management" of our members money is definately not, not, not what I want from USAA !

        Howard M. McCain


Pres. Trump wisely stopped federal funding of racial diversity training. I live in a small town in California and our city Council recently allocated a $1 million budget for a new diversity department notwithstanding we are otherwise in debt.

Most universities have a diversity vice president for nearly every department of study, for example, a chemical engineering diversity manager.

I would appreciate it if USAA stayed focused on insurance.

Phantom driver five

I am the grandson of an Italian immigrant and the great-grandson of Irish immigrants.  All left the "Old Country" out of poverty.  Despite being the subject of relentless discrimination when they arrived in America, they worked hard and succeeded.  My generation is the first to attend college.  None of my descendants owned slaves or where in this country during the Civil War.  I was raised to not discriminate against any person.  My father helped African-American soldiers he served with during the Korean War to read and write letters they received and sent to loved ones.  My wife's roommate in college was African American and she was part of our bridal party.  My wife and I have friends from of all ethnicities and our daughters have dated young men from other racial groups.  The source of this $50M are USAA members.  Why was this expenditure not the subject of a vote by USAA members.  I am completely opposed to this idea.  Instead, why not offer individual members to make voluntary donations to this cause?  Perhaps provide them the option of using their SSA distributions to make their contribution(s).  If you continue with this program as is, I will terminate all our USAA accounts.  Sincerely, Concerned Member.