Whoever made this decision should be fired. It pains me to find out that USAA is taking part in this false narrative to destroy this country. Why isn't this money going to support wounded veterans or to help fund studies to help veterans deal with depression, suicide or PTSD? Why is FIFTY MILLION dollars going to race baiting organizations? 

A diversity and inclusion counsel? Are you kidding? This is usually the first sign of a company going downhill.

How about USAA donates money to law enforcement which is under attack in this country and which many veterans end up going into after their service.

I am very disappointed.


An actual USAA member for almost 15 years.


I agree wholeheartedly. It is especially agregious when you consider that most USAA members are active military or veterans. We come from a merit based society and now our financial insutuation is using our money to fund actual RACISM.  

Right on!  USAA is more interested in image than srvc to their mbrs. 

They are proud Democrats