The $50MM giveaway along with the previous unreported $40MM giveaway is absolutely abhorrant.  The nerve to just give members $$ away is totally unconscionable.  They sold  the brokerage and mutual funds and never would tell us what they did with the proceeds.  It's obvious now.  How I can withdraw my annuities without penalty--since the rules have obviously changed.  USAA is no longer a member owned/managed company.  It is simply a Robin Hood.


To whom it may concern,
I'm severing all ties with USAA.   Please cancel all my USAA auto and property insurance policies, effective on the first day of November.  After nearly 40 years with USAA I've seen my SSA become smaller as the years pass. At the same time premiums are increasing.  I can't help but think charitable contributions from USAA / Wayne Peacock / the board of directors of $ 50 million have reduced my SSA.   These liberal charity contributions have ticked me off. It's clear that USAA has overcharged members in premiums, to the tune of $50,000,000..  I'd prefer to donate my own money and select the charity of my own choosing, thank you very much. 
I'll be severing all banking ties as soon as my direct deposit forms are updated to my local bank.
Greg Jefferson /Marine Maj. Douglas Burian USAA member story - wouldn't it be easier to file an insurance claim for the bank's loss and make the member whole ?
USAA appears to be a law breaking, excuse making, incompetent business, I've lost all trust and confidence in USAA.  Maybe USAA could renege on the charity contributions, using the money instead for a golden parachute to Wayne Peacock ?  
It was very clever of USAA to "renew" my IRA contract (without my consent) a few years ago, changing the date of maturity effectively locking me from transfer, which will be transfered soon.