This company has become too large and now just one more incompetent, profit-driven, uncaring bureaucracy, a far cry from what it used to be.  I'm working through a credit-card dispute after an airline canceled my flight due to Covid. USAA's Credit Card division has thoroughly mismanaged the dispute, wrongly confiscating a credit and issuing the wrong amount. Its impossible to speak with anyone with authority to resolve the issue, they simply "make notes in your file"to pass along to another anonymous analyst. They leave voice mails instructing you to call back on a "time sensitive issue" by leaving their 800 number, no name, and no extension. Useless information! I'm supposed to call back, navigate through phone tree misery, and explain from the beginning with yet another clueless analyst with no authority to make a decision? Just a sad state of affairs and miserable customer no-service. I'm now beginning the search to transfer my banking, insurance, and other financial affairs elsewhere. This company no longer cares.


@Jeff Reynolds, I'm sorry to learn that you're having trouble with a dispute. We appreciate your membership of 44 years, and I want to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. Therefore, I'm sharing your post with the appropriate USAA team. ~DC

I've moved most of my banking away from USAA and am in the process of looking for new insurance. You are correct about the deterioration of customer service so now it's quite a bit of vapor, lots of soothing words and no results- like the mass e-mail we received from "Wayne," as if the new CEO is our special friend. My concerns are more philosophical  and social, and the fact (I was told directly by a USAA administrator) that USAA stands fully behind the Black Lives Matter "movement" and will not waver.



















@Reid, Seems web admins now support discrimination against long-time members.

"I truly believe this will be the way of the future once all of the older generation are faded out of the system. Unfortunate to say it that way, but it's the truth."

Just Google USAA CEO compensation.  The results you will see will show you that USAA has changed drastically and only cares about the CEO compensation.  You are experiencing the results of this change.  It is an utter disgrace as to what the last 2 to 3 USAA CEOs have done to a once proud company.