400 Bad Request / General Cost Basis Performance Metrics for Brokerage

So I routinely get this and I believe my only solution is clearing USAA cookies, local storage and cache.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 10.48.13 AM.png

After you tryScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 10.48.07 AM.png


But, with that said, why have they implemented this strange UX where I am taken to this external vendor to view cost basis and performance information (besides the overal unrealized day and total gains/loss on the main Portfolio page)? What about YTD rate of return? Too complicated to calculate? 


Am I asking too much for basic performance metrics for my portfolio (or just a working site)? 


BTW, the external vendor/site is this https://alc.mystreetscape.com

And it looks like Streetscape is being retired...hope USAA is aware of this



Hello JoshB3, Thank you for the additional feedback. I will engage the appropriate area. I am sorry your getting that error message. I will see this gets handled as priority.

I am receiving this error for a while too.  Has there been a fix for this issue yet?  Is anything in the works?  Thank you.

Hey BrianR1, I do regret to hear of these issues you are having. Please bear with me while I share this inquiry with a subject matter expert to assist further. Thank you.

I still have this problem to do...cookies expire and you can't view your lots and cost basis...why is this so difficult?

Anyway, just transfered all of my positions to Fidelity! Bye bye USAA Brokerage!

JoshB3, I'm sorry for the trouble experienced. I will be happy to forward your concerns to our team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda

This is still happening a year later. They have not fixed it. USAA, get your **** together and fix this once and for all!! 


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