32 years and you treat me like trash. You've lowered my credit limit on my USAA card to $500 because of inactivity.

Same with me, I have been with them for 30+years,  my limit went to 500.00 with no warning other than a letter telling me it had happened. Went from 22K limit to 500.00, told them it is a joke. You are right, they don't care, Rep told me they are just preparing for a resession and that I can call in 6 months to request an increase. Also, got a notice on my credit score changing, only activity was the USAA change. When I suggested that I just close the card, they said it may impact my auto insurance rate. They have really gone done in my rating of their services with all the changes they are making.

Lol11, Sorry to hear about this reduction and your disappointment recently. I am forwarding your post now to a Bank specialist for review. Also, if you could please chat or call 210-531-8722 and have the rep double check if there are any notes updating your credit limit. Thank you  ~Tom

@lol11, they told me the same thing when I closed my credit card account. They even belittled me (Lt Col) in the process (65min). That experience gave me the right motivation to close every banking/investment product I've had with them since the 1980s. Moved $600K+ to NFCU and Vanguard about 2.5 yrs ago. Probably chicken scratch for them but I did it. Even took my family with me as well. USAA was a speed bump in the process but it's working out very well. I did already have a couple of accounts with NFCU since the 1970s. They offer better banking deals than USAA anyway. Most people feel it's a headache to move to another institution so they remain (something USAA banks on if they don't put you through their gauntlet of questions and intimidations) and deal with it. I will see next month about my auto/home policies when they're up for renewal. I did love USAA back in the 1980s. No one could come close to them, but that has changed. The previous CEO had some military background (less than 10yrs) and the CEO has none. Will be interesting to see where he takes this organization.

USAA sucks....I have the same problems

Today USAA sent me a letter through the message service.   They have reinstated the credit limit:


Thank you for choosing us for your credit card needs. We regularly review credit limits on accounts and make adjustments
when necessary.
As the environment shifted due to COVID-19, we did an evaluation of accounts that have not been used in more than two
years and notified you that the credit limit on your credit card ending in XXXX was decreased. However, after a reevaluation,
we have determined that we are able to reinstate your account to your original credit line of $12,200.00. There is no action
needed on your part. To see this change, please log on to your account on usaa.com or use the USAA Mobile App.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, as we know this may be a financially challenging time.
How to Contact Us
If you have questions, please call us at one of the numbers below.
We look forward to continuing to serve your financial needs.
Credit cards are issued by USAA Savings Bank and serviced by USAA Federal Savings Bank, both Member FDIC.

Really poor planning on USAA's part.   They seem to have lost sight of the mission.   I'm am still disappointed. 

@727, I regret to hear of your disappointment, as it's never our intent to make our members feel this way. I can certainly understand the importance of having your credit available during these difficult times. We value our member's feedback and understand your concern. I will be sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate department for review. If  you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. - Robyn

I find it interesting that many people refer to USAA's mission.  Come on folks...........they no longer have one other than profits on the back of service members.  I am a 38 year member and am so disapointed in their behavior, fees, inflexibility, deniability and most importantly, morals.  Back in the day, if USAA made a mistake they fixed it.  Today, they CHOOSE to take advantage.

Just wrong.  After reading this forum for several year, I truly believe they aren't long for this world.  Good luck to all of you and please stay safe.


Hello, @Sfb1995. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. We definitely wouldn't want any member to feel that way about us, as we do take great pride in the mission we have had since 1922. Bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support. ~ Steven