32 years and you treat me like trash. You've lowered my credit limit on my USAA card to $500 because of inactivity.

You've lowed my credit limit on my USAA card from $12.5K to $500 because of inactivity.   No warning, no inquiry as to why I wasn't using it.   I'm not using it because I don't have a card with that #.   Perhpas it expired and you didn't send another, perhaps it was lost in the mail, perhaps I misplaced it.... but no letter or call asking if everything is OK and do I have the card. 


A $500 credit limit is essentially useless.  Thankfully I have other cards that I use regularly and this doesn't present a problem to me as I don't carry a credit card balance from month to month.   However this is just another disappointment from USAA.   Your investment services were sold off and they weren't price competative so I moved brokerage accounts to another provider,  I moved my IRA to another provider.   Your terrible savings rates made me move my TDA account to another provider.    Your car insurance rates weren't competitive so I moved to another insurance company. 

Why are you driving me away, albeit slowly, by making the bank's offerings less and less valuable to me?    Frankly, the only think keeping me with USAA now is the difficulty in setting up online banking at a different bank and moving all my billers. 


I spoke with a representative tonight who said I'd have to wait 180 days to request a credit line increase, as it was automatic and can't be done manually. 


If I can't rely on USAA to be there for me why amI with USAA at all? 


Evening @727, I appreciate you reaching out to us today although I regret to hear of the circumstances. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. Once reviewed they may contact you. We do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

Nobody contacted me. 

USAA is dead to me. 

I've been with USAA for 20 years now and they would never approve me for a credit card every time I apply.
What auto insurance company do you have, if you don't mind me asking? I'd like to get something lower than USAA rates if possible.
I, too, am slowly moving away from USAA and the only reasons I'm holding on is because of the bills paid from here and because I get the deposits a day early.

GEICO, but go to an independent agent who can shop it around to multiple companies, insurance is insurance.  As long as the company is licensed to do business in your state you're fine. 

The independent agents have the Trusted Choice logo. 

@727 I would love to hear if they were able to resolve your situation. I had a credit card account with USAA and also got treated like trash they wouldn’t try and resolve my situation said there was nothing they could do. Hope you have better luck than I did.

Nope, nobody ever bothered to call me.   It didn't impact my credit score by dropping 12K of open credit because I charge perhaps $1K per month and pay that right off on other cards, mostly from Chase, but The Amazon Store card and a few others that give specific discounts or points. 

It is such a pain in the neck to move banks, the EU has a simple system to have the banks do the work of moving your online billers, but the US doesn't.   

USAA is dead to me. 

What is happening to our association? I used to talk up USAA to friends and family to encourage membership. Now with the IMCO sellout I can no longer do that. I am stuck with the task of creating new accounts for money that will no longer be in the hands od USAA. I will not allow one dollar of my money to go to Victory or Schwab. Looks like I have some homework to do. I'm deeply disappointed!


@Bill134, I'm so very sorry to hear about your disappointment with the transition.Today’s environment is changing the way we deliver on our mission to facilitate members’ financial security through highly competitive products and service. Fierce competition, regulatory demands, industry consolidation and increasing consumer expectations for low-to-no fee products means the right path forward is to form strategic relationships with trusted investment companies to best serve members. We do appreciate your 32 years of membership and would like to engage our experts to help address your concerns.

That is the thing, you don't deliver on the mission.  You've failed to deliver on the mission for quite some time.