3 days till xmas and no ssa divident in sight?

rumor has it that USAA is insolvent, ran out of money! which is why many USAA members haven't got the 2021 subscriber dividend yet. what's up? why the delay? when exactly will it be paid?

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Concern: no response to claim that USAA is insolvent.  Not usually a good sign when a statement like that goes unrebutted....

Right? I’m mean after 3 weeks of some members getting paid, and many others not yet…and the same cut and paste reply..it becomes a legitimate concern…

I did get a email today confirming the amount that will be deposited but no deposit yet.

Hello @Pittbullwife, thanks for reaching out and I'm glad to read that you did receive your notification. Please allow for additional processing time for the direct deposit to be available in your account. We appreciate your membership and please don't hesitate to visit us at usaa.com/safaq for more information or connect with our insurance team at #800-531-8722 (USAA). -Paula

I received it this morning.

Awesome. Glad you received it. ~Crystal 

Another day without any deposit for my SSA......

Same! Still nothing!!

Hello @Pittbullwifedistributions have begun being deposited and will continue processing throughout the week for eligible members. You can continue to monitor usaa.com or the mobile app to confirm distribution history. You can view the distribution history by selecting your insurance bill when logged into your account. You'll want to scroll to select the option to view Settings & Alerts and then click Edit under Subscriber's Account Preferences.


Once the 2021 distribution is visible, please allow processing time for it to be received according to your chosen method of distribution. If we can help review or answer any questions, please call us at 800-531-8722. We'll get you connected with the best team who can assist further. -Lori

Thank you for this information. I found where it shows I got a distribution deposited to my account on Dec. 12th but I do not have it showing deposited into said account yet. Is the delay between showing and posting the distribution normal?


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Ginger Simmons

@maze322, distributions will continue through this week. We have been experiencing longer than normal processing times, which has caused a delay. Please keep an eye out for it to hit your account soon. Thank you. -Cynthia

It says deposited 12/12/21 yet nothing still!

@Ptibullwife, I'm sorry for the delay and for any inconvenience caused. Please don't hesitate to reach us by phone if we can review specific details or answer questions. Because of regulations, we're limited on the amount of info that can be discussed via social media; however, we can get you connected with our team to discuss further. -Lori

Hello @Skeeter1*, I'm sorry for the frustration with your distribution. We're limited in the info we can discuss online due to regulations. However, we'd love to get you connected with our team who can review further and discuss more together. Please don't hesitate to call us at 800-531-8722 to review any updated info. -Lori

Hello @ChrisDUSA, certainly get your concerns on the timeframe of your 2021 Subscribers Account.  Have you had a chance to review your distribution history to verify as disbursements are still processing through the week.  Thank you for your membership with USAA and please continue to monitor your distribution history and usaa.com inbox for communications about your distributions for 2021.  For more detailed information, please reach out to our insurance specialists via phone at 800-531-8722 to review and address.  ~Marco

total **... that's what you said last week.  I just canceled my usaa auto insurance this morning...  i suggest others do the same....  you're a totally broke company now..


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Hello @ChrisDUSA, please know your concerns are taken seriously and I would like to help with having them addressed. If you could please send a private message with the best contact phone number to reach you on. Thank you. -Paula