23 years with USAA only to be told it's a technical thing

On Thursday June 30th I made two payments on my USAA signature Visa. I've done this every month for over 5 years. When I completed my payments the system showed my balance was now $0. The next day Friday Jul 1st I went in to check my accounts and low and behold my credit card balance was back to where it was prior to my payments. I then looked at the transaction record which showed after my 2 payments, 2 additional payments were posted. Then 4 adjustments from USAA reversing the payments. However, the money was not returned to my USAA bank accounts where the payments originated. I let that ride the rest of the day expecting it might have just been something temporary or I would receive some kind of notice.
The next day Saturday, July 2nd, I called USAA... 3 hours on the phone, 2 hang ups while on hold and no answers as to where $4500 went. Seriously, 5 separate representatives hour wait times, call backs and then, that's right....no answers. Finally, another 30 minutes and I reached someone who assured me that USAA is aware and the situation would be resolved. But, she had no idea as to why this happened. I asked that a complaint/question be sent to Member Advocacy so I might have an opportunity to maybe get some additional clarity and provide some retrain opportunities for those reps that hung up and didn't even attempt calling me back.
Today, Jul 7th From USAA communications, "Our records indicate that on 06/30/2022 a Incident Occurred in which Some Members Credit Card Payments posted multiple times. It appears you were affected by this but the issue has since been resolved. This is why you saw multiple payments and adjustments."
WHAT THE WHAT, ummm WHY DID IT HAPPEN? I called the member advocate that put there extension on the message. When I asked WHY? it is a technical issue. Well I technically want to know why and by the way this isn't the first time.
I have no confidence in USAA or its customer support teams. So after 23 years my membership doesn't really matter to them and yours will not either. Very disappointed.
Charles Wxxxx
(301) 7xx-xxxx
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Run, don’t walk away, Charles.  I walked last year (NFCU and GEICO) and could not be happier.  Sad statement for a once great company that I (and everyone in my command) once swore by.  Eyes wide open now.  Good luck!

"23 years with USAA only to be told it's a technical thing"

If I would have told my boss that about a satellite or communications sytem supporting a user/organization--he/she would have fired me on the spot. Goes to show you that USAA either doesn't have a clue what they are doing or they not overly concerned about the effects on its customers. Unfortunately, that has been the case for quite a few years now. Maybe, they're still blaming COVID-19. I say they didn't earn those government fines for nothing.


USAA CSR: No need to escalate. Responding to a fellow member.

Same here.   On 23 June 2022 I made a credit card payment of $186.10 which zeroed my balance as I do every morning.   Then, the same additional charges and adjustments of $186.10 four times.   So five entries on 23 June for the same amount each.   Just hearing “a technical issue” is not answering the question posed by a member.   I could accept a blanket announcement from USAA “we found a technical issue caused by a brain cramp in one of our employees, or a power surge, or just about anything”.   But if you asked a direct question, you deserve a direct answer.   And not just a pacifier comment on one of those “calls for the CEO”.       Yesterday, I again zeroed out my balance by making my standard, morning payment.   Today, I have a balance due of $0.01.   I can understand that a pending bill would process, but the balance due wouldn’t be a penny!    Credit cards aren’t actual money, but they represent money; their processing is just as important as in savings, checking, or investments.   Bad mojo, USAA.    You just refueled the members who complain about service.   

Good morning @CFW, I do regret to hear of this experience, I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your time today. -Emily

What does this USAA “reply” even mean?