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I found out today that if you cancel a prepaid reservation, you are charged $50. So if you think there is a chance you could cancel don't pre pay the bill. I cancelled my reservation 2 1/2 months in advance. Still got hit for $50.
Very disappointed that USAA is joining the anti-American democrat movement. I'll definitely be looking elsewhere for insurance, etc.
Can my adult son become a member of USAA via my membershp? And, if so, how do I/he accomplish this? Danny Kxxxxxxx [removed sensitive data] dan@xxxxxxxx 916-xxx-xxxx *Moderation Note: Your post has been edited to protect your personal information.
I need to take out a government loan for my son's collegehow do I do this
I have been a USAA member for over 60 years. I do not have many more moons until I pass on being 86 years of age. My question is how best to transfer my account to my spouse at my passing. I have been teaching her about the new logon info in the MFA authentication system. Could you offer some advice...
I am dismayed that I will be unable to use Silver Sneakers at the YMCA. the ymca is the best program available for seniors. They have more classes and are a much cleaner facility than the available gyms. Plus the fact that the 24 Hour Fitness center near me has permanently closed. I urge USAA to rec...
Ok USAA Family! Somebody is not trying to use some creative thinking! When there are hundreds of thousands of USAA members on hold...there isn’t much of a family life! Yes, I was on hold for 4 hours! No one on the travel center Supervisor Team picked up the phone... I understand that we are facing a...
I am having a hard time this holiday season because I miss my son who died from a tragic accident in November 2018 and wish I could find someone to talk to and help me get through it a little easier
After hours of looking, so far this is not a 'user friendly' site. FAQ's are near useless. Anyway ... how do I get a family member (daughter) into USAA. She is over 21, so not a 'minor'.