I have been with USAA over 11 years now. I would have never though the horror stories were true that I’ve heard. But if you never have experienced that issue you wouldn’t. I was hit with fraud. Instead of allowing me to have MY HARD EARNED MONEY back to provide for my household and feed my kids, you give me three small charges back and apologize for the inconvenience. Then return an ACH and give me a fee. I should have listened to the warnings. Now I can pay bills or feed my family and you get to make extra fees off it. I’ll be looking for a new bank.


@JBrad1983, Thank you for your 11 years of trust and loyalty. I can understand how difficult this must be, I have your info pulled up here and I am forwarding your concerns now to the appropriate area. This isn't how we ever want you feel and would hate to see you go. ~Tom

When everything is problem free, USAA is like any other mediocre bank. It's when something goes wrong that one learns to run away from USAA as fast and far as possible; I began divesting from USAA after 37 years last July, and everyday I am happy that I did. They have become a truly avaricious corporation.