Youth Banking process terrible



I recently saw the youth banking stuff was adding to USAA and was excited to set my son up with an account so he can start learning to budget his own money and use his own card. 


The entire thing has been terrible. 

The process is all done online automated through the system.. if the documents are not correct there was no options to change them or try to get them changed. One address was off so I wanted to update it.. and it was a giant run around when trying to do so... 


I ended up just letting the automated system create the account with one document that needed to be updated later... It did create the joint account and issue a card for my son.  



He was unable to setup a login for the app or site...

Would not recognize his social to setup a new account... -Contact customer service to get his usaa number.. 


Then it would not allow him to creat a login in the system with his usaa number - contact customer service again to get help.. after bouncing around end up having IT setup his account manually.. 


Still cannot login.. eventually learn the automated system did not populate his fields with phone number or email.. so there is no way for the system to send confirmation for security but no error told us this and there is no way for us to update this as the customer.. 


Customer service adds these fields... Still does not work.. after several attempts.. IT said it could take some time for the sytem to refresh..


wait till the next day.. 


He can log in the next day, but cannot see any account information.. I have him contact customer support... who eventually tells him that because of parental controls he cannot view anything... I have him ask where the menu is for me to fix that.. Customer support refuses to say because it has to be done on my profile not his.. I explain I don't want changes just the menu location... nope will not help or point us in the right direction... I offer to verify my ID on his chat... nope.. 


I login to my profile and contact customer support.... they direct me to the menu.... He can then finally see things in the app. Finally everythign is working... although there was nothing I saw anytime in the process that said I needed to change parental controls so he can view accounts until we contacted customer service and had been told... 


Then attempt to setup his debit card on his phone for apple pay. It says he has to call to confirm.. 

He attempts to call to confirm... It does not show his email or phone information... transfers him to another department.. who basically explains that debit cards must be done through the app and only credit cards can be done over the phone... (which nothing stated prior again) I asked why we had been told there was an email error and not a type of card error? (This customer service person was extremely rude and constantly talking down to me and over me when I was trying to explain things) 

Then I was told that because WE updated his email or phone it couldn't be used for any banking related things for security reasons... 

I tried several times to explain what happened and was told rudely it didn't matter... 


So basically.. the automated system never put the info in... and then usaa manually fixed it.. but it counted as an update.. so we have been told he cannot authorize his card for applepay for 30 days. 


This entire process has been frustrating and terrible.. prob the worst banking experience I have had with something that should be a very simple process. Generally USAA is great in my opinion, but this was just the worst. I had people who wanted to know how the youth banking worked out when I was done and I haven't a clue what to tell them..

The login stuff and run around is just terrible for a bank that basically has no phsyical branches and not way to help us smooth out the process when we had problems. 


In all honestly.. I am going to go down to my local credit union and set him up with an account next week and close these at this point.. I want to forget we ever tried to do this. I hope someone takes a look at this and reviews the process or tests it out better to make sure no one else has this type of problem trying to use the services. 

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I thought I was the only one. I also thought this would be an excellent learning tool for my daughter. Unfortunately she got to see the bad side (and incompetent) side of banking. I had to speak with USAA as they explained that due to it involving a minor. I wish their documentation explained this before I spent a half hour trying. Eventually 1 1/2 hours on the phone only the debit card was activated. I had to use their Voice portion to establish the PIN. 30 min trying to do that before I call them back when I’m told the system is down. Now a week later I still cannot set up a PIN and it says the card has yet to be activated.
I tried to email a complaint…no email address to be found. I don’t know what has happened within USAA but it has consistently declined. Very disappointed
A follow up to my comment about the Youth Checking process. USAA did call today due to my post. She apologized about the difficulty, and said she was documenting recommendations how to improve this process. It is honestly the first time a company called to ask what problems I have and if I had any suggestions. I was shocked.

@AccntHolder, we appreciate you circling back and letting us know you were able to express your difficulty with of the process with the appropriate area. We value your time and do hope your daughter will have smooth sailing from here! We are forever making our processes better. Thank you for sharing your experience. ~ Suzy 

Run!! Go to a real bank. USAA just put the first hold ever in 26+ years on my account. I had no money yesterday to buy food for my children for Thanksgiving. USAA does not care. They're holding my money. No idea when it will be given back to me. Meanwhile they're returning payments and bouncing checks hurting me with all my other banks and creditors too!! Run.

@CodyS32, we've received your concerns about the hold on your account. I understand this placed a financial hardship on you and your family. Your concerns are important to us and have been sent to the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda 

Rhonda - The "appropriate team" will review the situation and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.  The only thing that will happen is that the CEO will have a really big smile on his face when he sees this year's bonus.  In reality, he should resign in disgrace as to what he has done to this once proud company.


You are so correct.

Also I wanted to email this to someone so they might review the process and was told there is no email to do this.. then directed to make a post here in the community section as the best course of action. .. 

Same happened to me. The incredible thing is i cannot find ANY email to register a complaint. Just here.

Hello @AccntHolder, while we do not offer the option to email, you may send a private message here or a post as you have done, or chat with us through our website or app.  We are saddened to read your feedback. I will ensure the appropriate area reviews your concerns.  Were you able to have her card activated afterall? ~JD

Hello @Cthulhu23. Thanks so much for weighing in on this with your feedback. I will be happy to share your concerns with our development teams. Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change; however your concerns for the Youth Banking accounts have been shared. ~Sarah