Where has The USAA Gone.

Has anyone seen MY USAA. Been members for 60 years. Recruiter throughout 34 years service.

Has USAA gotten sooo big it hasn’t had time to read the purposes/aims/goals of the original USAA.
I am very sad USAA has Been following the rest of the commercial world to compete to be the BEST. USAA has always been the BEST for servicing military families; The reason it was formed (besides insurance for military when no one else would protect the family).
The staff REALLY try to give outstanding service, and most of the ‘representatives, do. It is just- the connection has been lost.

I’ve given this much thought and wonder if USAA hasn’t gotten caught in the cost of expansion/competition. I’ve notice the recruitment ads invite almost anyone who will join.
Has the plant/management become such a dragon, more and more fuel is necessary to keep going. My mother would have said: too big for its britches. In an attempt to remain on the top; to be the best in the US/World we have lost OUR banking, life blood service. USAA was unique. It served those who served. Somewhere that was lost in keeping our heads above water???
USAA is my/my family’s bank. I hope the powers to be?, it will reflect on what was unique about us and if at all possible stop being ‘like the competitions.
I suppose, like me, my USAA will just pass away. . So sorry. 😟
Pat Rosing
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USAA used to apply only to military members and immediate family members. Now they allow others to join. More customers, more costs, less customer service. 0.01% interest on a checking account is pathetic. I had USAA auto insurance for about 20 years, paid my premiums, was never late, and had so few claims that I could count them on one hand. Then I donated my car to a charity, USAA canceled the insurance, called the DMV, which created a whole new set of problems for me. The DMV fined me and now it's $200 to get my driver's license back. Definitely not for the benefit of military service members or immediate family members after those years of USAA.

It's usually how it happens. The bigger and more complacent they get, the worse the customer service (product service/offerings) gets. Happens in a lot of places. I don't know how USAA continues to get the high ratings despite the complaints on this website and others like the BBB and consumer affairs, and the millions of dollars they have to pay in regulator/gov't fines. At they still pay millions to special interest groups, advertisements and their CEOs. 🤔Something has to give and you're seeing those results today and will continue to see for the foreseeable future. 🤷🏼‍♂️

USAA CSR: No need to escalate.

Hmmmmm.   I read highly negative and inflammatory about USAA customer service and duty performance.    I'll agree that USAA's logon process sucks pondwater.   But these complaints about not getting anyone to answer phones, and not being able to access online accounts just don't track with my experience.   I feel sorry for anyone experiencing these issues, but every time I call, someone answers immediately; I access my accounts every day at breakfast to pay off credit cards.   The two major complaints I have is the logging on repeatedly during one session, and the senseless calls "from the CEO's office" which result in no positive action.   [note: while logged in today, I went through my accounts; then, when I made this infrequent visit to this member site, I had to log back on; this step required me to type in logon and password despite not having to do so for many years; then had to verify my identity using one of four different steps.   After choosing and entering my PIN, I arrived here.   I can't make comments or simply like/not like someone else's comment without this second logon.].    Even after making a comment to not call me for the CEO last week, someone did.   Called me to ask about why I made a comment; when I asked which comment she called about, she requested detailed verification to prove my identity....after the fact SHE CALLED ME.    I simply hung up.   But as for not answering the phone, or not being able to access my accounts, nope....hasn't hasn't happened.   Of course, I never saw the infamous letter demanding account info for whatever reason so any say they've received.   Yes, customer service has devolved: just like in so many companies.    That isn't peculiar to USAA.    The problem, I'm convinced, is that USAA is simply too big for efficient operation.   That is likely part of the reason USAA sold off so much of its services, and dropped other services.   45+ years in USAA, but streamlined how much money I keep at USAA Bank.    At the ongoing rate of decline, I wonder how long USAA will still retain a large membership.   

Thank you for your longtime membership of 45 plus years @onesoldier.  We certainly appreciate you sharing your experiences through USAA's Community channel and know your feedback will be forwarded to the appropriate team for further review.  I fully get your online issues in needing to do a second logon as well as getting phone calls from USAA.  If you continue to experience online login issues, please reach out to our Tech Support at 877-632-3002 to have them diagnose and address possible solutions with you.  ~Marco

Reading how this customer has been treated is horrible and really unprincipled on the part of USAA. Is this what is left of USAA? Customers being alammed by the USAA train !Ug!

Thank you for sharing your feedback and concern. We appreciate hearing directly from our members as we work diligently to resolve the issues presented. It is important that our members receive the service they have grown to expect from us. ~Crystal 

Sorry--but the USAA train has already left the customers and the station. NRN.

Right on

@Mossmanarchitect, we appreciate you connecting with us. Is there anything we can assist with? ~MT

I agree with the original poster. We used to have all our accounts at USAA... banking, insurance, mortgage, investment, retirement. Through various bad experiences, all we have here now is a few checking accounts and insurance. Here are some suggestions and observations:

  1. Lose the IVR. It takes waaaay to long to navigate/verify/get codes/etc., just to make a simple phone call. And frequently when an actual person picks up, they *still* need to verify. Not that long ago, every call to USAA was answered by an actual human being who either solved the simple problems/questions right away, or quickly transferred the call to the proper party with a warm handoff, a pre-explained turnover to the proper party, and all three parties on the line (member/original USAA party/proper USAA party) for the turnover. It was one of the many things that made USAA head-and-shoulders better than other banking options. Nowadays, I get faster handling with less IVR nonsense from Chase and even BoA. It's that bad.
  2. The insurance company is still pretty darn good at customer service. Other than the IVR issue (which infects all parts of USAA), it's generally the financial side where the problems are acute.
  3. There has been an obvious monster-emphasis on "security" over the last few years. This is most obvious to customers calling in or using the website. But it's not clear that USAA decision makers are properly balancing forced security "upgrades" against lost business and customer hassle. In our case, we have transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars *away* from USAA because it's too big a hassle... especially the banking/investment side. I wonder if anyone ever looked at the cost/benefit of lost business & tech upgrade costs (IVR's, coder payroll, web re-designs, etc) against lost accounts and reduced usage by long-term customers? If they did, they should show their work. Because from our end, USAA has declined from a clear "10" in customer service 20 years ago to maybe a 3-4 nowadays.
  4. Today I spend the better part of an hour trying to get back into my web account because my login page wnet straight to a page that said, "your account is locked, please call Xxx-xxx-xxxx". After running through the USAA IVR gauntlet, no reason was ever given as to why the account was locked (there was no fraud, no unusual charges, etc). Fixing it took two transfers and two associates who indicated they are fielding a *lot* of these calls today. Sounds like USAA is doing some back-end work that messed up the website. If so, this would be about the third or fourth time that's happened in the last few years. Somehow, we managed to never have this problem from the 1980's through several years ago. The tech side needs better rollout & testing procedures that are NOT customer-facing.
  5. Not too long ago I called to get a CC authorization while byuing a new phone for my wife. Not sure why USAA decided to not honor a charge from a Verizon store for 30+ year members with 800+ credit scores. But in any case, after 25 minutes we still couldn't even ask what the problem was b/c the folks on the phone were still trying to 'identify' us for security, despite already having our USAA numbers, our names, the answer to our security questions andour phone numbers. Security should have a supporting role, not be a primary function of the bank. This was just silly. We ended up getting a prepaid phone and now only use our USAA cards as backups. Can't count on them if there's any kind of emergency or problem. Good for Amex and Citi, I guess.
  6. USAA - especially the bank/credit card/investment ops - are "just another financial company" nowadays. Your unique customer service discriminator is gone. Younger members may notice that, but we older dogs sure do.

Hello @BP in TX, your feedback is appreciated. I will share your feedback with our team in an effort to make improvements. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

Unfortunately what I am reading on this blog regarding USAA service decline rings loud and clear!  Dont be fooled by theirs claims of  " service and member  satsisfaction " - that disappeared along time ago.  USAA  current  board  members and corporate officers should wake up and right their ship.  The reasons we continued with USAA for over 40 years was based on their service and desire to serve its members.   Today, I am truly concerned and question whether USAA has changed its buisness platform. 


My wife and I have been a members at USAA for 47 years, insured  our primary home for the same period,  insured our cars, purchased our life insurance  and still maintain a sizeable annuity all with USAA.  For last twenty five years  we  also banked with USAA , had our credit card and our retirement plans with them.  During this entire time our credit scores consistently  ran 800 and we never missed  or was late on a payment for anything!



Then out of the blue, we  recently  tried to switch our USAA  VISA card from Eagle point  rewards to a better rewards program card with USAA and  called  USAA.   We were told  by USAA representative that we have to reapply for another card first. We did  that on line and we were  immediately denied the new card.   Three days later we  received a letter  from USAA that said  our credit score was 796 , but we had "too many credit inquires"  and denied our request for the new VISA credit card. 


(During the last three months we refinanced a small mortgage on our home due to drop in mortgage rates  and  was in process purchasing  a used  second car  and applied for partial  financing   through the automobile  Manufacturer.  No other reasons were given, and no questions were even asked by USAA  from us.  For the record :  We never missed or made a late payment on our credit card or any insurance bill   to USAA for over 47 years). 


Now my wife and I have to really question  why we should continue to stay with USAA for banking, insurance.  Do they really know their members? Are they truly interested in serving their good members? 


You would think that an organization that prides itself on "service"  would at least look into matter.  As far as USAA was concerned we were just part of an alogorithm to save money.


For those  at USAA who read this , please note that our credit scores are still in the 800 range  and  we will have no probblem getting a new credit card from another financial institution  with a better rewards program.







Good afternoon @colonelfuzzy, I appreciate you reaching out although regret to hear of the circumstances. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review, if additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily 

I agree that MY USAA is gone. My beef is with account security. I understand with hacker attacks on corporate America, account security is a major concern. And apparently, USAA has contracted out Account Security to a company full of snot-nosed weasels who believe 1) everyone in the world has an email address that will never change, 2) everyone in the worldc has a cell phone with the same cell phone number they used back in the bag phone days, and 3) that the account security information is never wrong. My mother, a 65 year member, does not have a computer or cell phone, yet somehow, she has bee signed up for text/email verification. She acquired a car 7 days ago, but cannot get access to her account. I have talked to nearly a dozen USAA agents over the past 7 days about accessing her account. Every conversation begins with"My mom does not hsve s computer or cell phone and she can't access her account." and ends with "unless we can text or email her,we csn't help you... bye."  Is that USAA's new idea of member service? I miss the days when agents could actually help you.

I can relate.  My most recent claims experience has been so disappointing, and so unlike the USAA of old.  I reported an auto claim on 4 June of this year.  The telephone representative stated that my vehicle would probably be totaled, despite the fact that no USAA representative had seen the damage.  The USAA telephone representative further advised that an auditor would arrive on June 7th to assess the damage.  No one showed for the next few days.  I called back to USAA only to be initially told I should wait 3 business days for a representative to be assigned. Of course, that window of opportunity already passed.  Later that day, I wrote to the following to my claims status page:

June 9, 2021 at 7:21 p.m. CT

I was initially advised that an auditor would assess my vehicle on Monday, 7 Jun 2021.  To date, I have received no further updates.  Assuming the initially proposed schedule has changed, when should I expect the vehicle assessment to occur? Please advise.


USAA replies:

June 10, 2021 at 8:42 a.m. CT

Still waiting for an appraiser to be assigned to the claim I just checked


Frustrated that I was not getting much response to my claim, I actually respond to a customer service feedback email I received on 11 June. 


June 11, 2021 at 7:17 p.m. CT

Please Tell Us …

Your claims experience is important to us. We'd like to know how we're doing so far.

  • Reply: 

June 15, 2021 at 10:18 a.m. CT

So far, responsiveness is much slower than I expected.


The following week (14-18 June), I was advised that no person had been assigned because of COVID-19.  I was then advised to send photos of the damage along with my vehicle ID number (VIN) to USAA.  I initially sent that information to my claims status page. 

Upon follow-up the next week (21-25 June), USAA advised they could not access that info, and gave me an alternate e-mail address to forward the information.  Asking why the process was taking so long, a USAA telephone representative advised that my initial claim had somehow been canceled, and had to be re-instated.  I sent the information to the address, and awaited action.  I finally received a claims response on 28 June.  I requested an extension to my rental car authorization, since I had been using a rental as authorized in my policy since 7 June.  

Although the notice I received states it is not an actual authorization to do any repairs, I took a copy of it to my repair facility to give them an idea of what damages USAA would cover.  That was around 1 July or just before the holiday weekend.  I am approaching a full month of using the rental, and the rental car company is calling advising that USAA.  I follow-up with my repair facility after the Independence Day weekend, about the USAA coverage data I received.  They advised that the USAA review did not quite cover all the damages, and we needed to respond and update the assessment.  There was no means for me to do that, so the repair facility and I called to USAA to make an update.  I was surprised to note that the repair facility received no information from USAA regarding my claim, or how to make updates to claimed damages needing coverage.  It is the 15 of July before my repair facility receives any correspondence from USAA.  The car rental organization is calling me, advising that I need further authorization on my vehicle rental.  I call USAA, which advised they had to do a manager review, and could not authorize the rental until after they processed the supplemental data for my claim.  I advised the car rental facility of my dilemma, and was able to use the vehicle for a while longer. 

On 28 July, USAA processed my supplement to my claim, but omitted several items from the supplement.  USAA has still not officially authorized an extension of my car rental.  Of course, when the claim payment is issued, there are no details given on the items that were covered…at least not to the policy holder.  My repair facility advised me that part of our supplement was omitted.  After conferring with my repair facility and USAA, we resent the supplement to a different USAA POC. 

Forward to 9 August, and I am still trying to get an extension on my vehicle rental. 


August 9, 2021 at 3:40 p.m. CT

I am still in need of the extension for my rental car authorization.  I was advised the authorization would be extended upon completion of the supplemental claim info.  The supplement (s) have been done, but I still need the authorization update


USAA replies:

August 9, 2021 at 4:57 p.m. CT

Sorry for the delays. The shop you are using is not in our network therefore, we can not control much of what they do but we did talk to the shop today and they said you had the timeline for repairs. We need the timeline starting with the  drop date, parts order, parts received, and supplement timeline. We need that in order to review the rental extension but if we can not get the timeline then the shop delays are not covered under the policy and could charge out of pocket for rental moving forward. Please share the timeline if you have it because the shop is stating they do not have a timeline.


NOTE: Now my adjuster is Ms. X. Xxxxx

Unfortunately, the rental car facility demanded the return of their vehicle on 9 August because USAA would not authorize an extension.  On 10 August, I complained to USAA, who advised that they would authorize the rental only until 30 July.  I returned the vehicle, and had to pay for the days I used the vehicle in August (~ $345).  My supplement to my claim was approved on 10 August around 4:42 pm (ET).  My vehicle is still in the shop.

As you might have noted from above, the USAA representative attempts to deflect, and insinuate that my repair facility was prime source of delay in turnaround time for my vehicle repair.  I am sorely disappointed the poor responsiveness, lackluster performance, and lack of accountability throughout this …experience.  This current USAA falls far short of the USAA I joined over 35 years ago.


Moderator Note:  For the privacy of the employee, this post was edited.  

The slaps in the face to USAA so called " MEMBERS" just keep coming. So sad. The C Ring must be very proud. USAA's sell out of "MEMBERS" resulted in BILLIONS for the "BIG GUYS". So the party is on at USAA. USAA is "GONE WITH THE WIND". All the best in 2022. 

USAA SLAPS just roar ahead. Please stop slapping your "MEMBERS" ! Stop using Joe's China Virus to Hide Bebind. USAA is ethnically challenged. 

Thank you for sharing your Claim's experience @WorkTime.  I certainly get your concerns on the timeframe on getting your claim resolved/completed and I'd like the opportunity to advocate on your behalf by forwarding your experience to the appropriate area for further review/addressing.  Your membership and patience is truly appreciated as your claim is sent for further review.  ~Marco

29yr member here.  Unfortunately, I have to agree and I will be looking for other insurance and banking services.  What a disappointment USAA has become.